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8 Ways for Old School Teachers to Embrace Technology

Technology only became the in-thing in the classroom environment recently. Previously it was used to enhance learning systems and lesson plans, but the actual learning was based on books. Teachers who entered the profession in recent years have had a hard time embracing technology mostly because many of them lack training in new technologies and are not sure how technology may affect their lesson delivery. Here are eight ways old school teachers can embrace technology.

Teachers and Technology


1. Learn from students

Most students are technologically enlightened and are at ease when it comes to using technology. Most of them have already used the most recent technological innovations at home. If something goes awry, students can come to their teachers’ rescue. Most students would be more than willing to help their teachers maneuver through the complex parts of technology.

2. Take a Proactive Approach to Learning New Technology

Old teachers should not be intimidated by technology. They should use every opportunity to learn new digital skills. Technology is not as hard as it may seem. It only requires commitment and the zeal to learn.

3. Focus on the Most Valuable and Positive Aspects

There is more to technology than you can learn in a given period. The best approach is to start with technologies that add value to the teaching practice. These could be teaching apps or even online tutoring programs. Embrace these technologies and expand your knowledge first before moving to more complex ones.

4. Blend Traditional Learning and Digital Learning

Digital learning cannot entirely replace traditional learning methods.  Therefore, you should incorporate tech-free activities into your lessons. Such activities include games, discussions, group activities and physical activities such as modeling for kids, and drawing among others. Both teachings styles are essential for a holistic learning environment.

5. Set The Rules In Classrooms

Students may go overboard when it comes to using technology. They may access some prohibited material, shift their attention from the lesson of the day and waste time on their devices rather than important classroom activities. As a teacher, put strict rules on dos and don’ts in the classroom.  Also, work with system administrators in school to restrict access detrimental e-resources.

6. Provide Feedback Regularly

One of the strategies that you can use to embrace technology is to evaluate the class performance with the use of technology. Ask questions like; is technology improving the students’ learning capabilities? What needs to be modified? What works well? This will help you provide constructive feedback on the progress of learning to your seniors and colleagues thus helping you get assistance when things not working out well.

7. Use Technology For Personal Goals

You should view being tech-savvy as a way of enhancing your well-being. In this regard, embrace things such as connecting with family and friends on social media, taking online courses or even starting online tutoring lessons. In doing so, you are bound to get used to the technology and not feel uneasy when utilizing technology in the classroom.

8. Collaborate with others

To embrace technology, it is advisable that you work with your tech-savvy colleagues to improve your understanding and usage of technology. Ask questions, observe and seek further assistance whenever you face challenges. Your colleagues are best placed to offer support in an environment that is free of pressure. Besides, invest in professional relationships to expand your knowledge and stay updated on new technologies.


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This article is original from The Tech Edvocate: https://www.thetechedvocate.org/8-ways-for-old-school-teachers-to-embrace-technology/ 

  • Jul 5, 2019 10:50:11 AM

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