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Important Role of Robots in Educating People

Robots in classrooms are no longer an unimaginable vision. They are being used in various schools from different parts of the world for education purposes. Humanoid robots are being used these days in teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math or the STEM subjects to children especially to places that are having problems with these subjects. This is why NAO robots are distributed to many organizations in order to improve standard education.


Why Schools Should Think of Using Robots for Teaching?

Robots are not designed to replace teachers. The main purpose of using robots for education is to alleviate the effort and time that students will spend of learning subjects. This is also an advantage for teachers because they will no longer have to feel pressured on how they can make their students engaged in STEM subjects.

Allowing robots to teach students makes them get involved to try and prove the concept of what is being taught. The robot brings the concept to life and also allow the students to find the answer on how it is done or how did it happen. This has a great effect to subjects like math and physics. Robots can provide projects wherein students will apply what they have learned.

Robots have the ability to get the attention of students making it easier for them to understand the lessons. In order for your school to get utmost benefits from using robots for education, it is necessary for them to consider the following:

  • It is important for you to decide what particular subjects or program you want your robot to teach the students.
  • You have to choose what robot to use for the program. Robots are designed to do different things. In this case, you have to ask an education specialist about the things that the robot can do before utilizing it for teaching.
  • You also have to assure that the school can afford to buy robots that they will use for classrooms.


Teacher or a Robot?

If you will observe two different classrooms, one having a real teacher and one a robot, you will notice that the robot can easily encourage the students to participate in the discussion. Students don’t find the class boring because they are not only interested with the lesson, but they are also amazed on how the robot delivers the lesson thus exercising their imagination and keep them alert.

Though robots can be an effective tool for STEM program, using it for a day to day basis is not a good idea. Students will no longer feel excited with the robot thus making them lose their focus. It would be advisable that schools will allow robots to teach in classrooms once in a while.



Making children aware about technology can be a good thing because it can lead to progress in the future. This will have an effect with the kind of technology that the next generation can make because at an early age their minds were already challenged of thinking how robots work.

  • Oct 14, 2015 10:52:17 PM
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