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Introducing RobotLAB VR Expeditions V2.0!

This is VR Expeditions VR 2.0 A product that we created in partnership with encyclopaedia Britannica and a product that will continue to take students and teachers to places with virtual reality! 

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Hello everyone, my name is Elad Inbar, I'm the CEO of RobotLAB, and today I have some sad news but also good news for you, we all love Google expeditions, right? We love how students go places. We love how we can take them on their virtual field trips anywhere around the world, under the ocean into space. But unfortunately this is built on a daydream platform from Google that was discontinued last year.

Recently we heard from Google that they are stopping expeditions as well, which means that they give something between 12 to 18 months life expand for expeditions before we transitioned to something else. And this is too bad because we really, really love this platform. And we know how much educators love this platform and how it can help in the classroom.

We're dedicated to our educators, our core value is in providing educators with the products that they need in order to engage students and for us, education is the whole thing for us. Education means engaging students. It means bringing real-world experiences into the classroom and we are committed to expeditions. That's why we decided to create VR expeditions V2

Everything comes with high-end, high quality images, high-end high quality content that allows you to engage your students. And the best part, some expeditions come with PDF handouts for your students!

So, it doesn't matter if you're teaching how dinosaurs survive the extinction, okay, or  how we land on the moon or even if you take them to Mount Rushmore or talking about the women's right. Everything is ready for you. And you can print these handouts. You can give them to students and you can teach them all the materials that you get right out of the box. These resources are available in the app, in the expeditions V2.

Now we're not talking about expeditions to remote places, only like ancient Egypt and the pyramids or Paris or the Eiffel tower or even the Great Barrier Reef. We are talking about places in our backyard, especially now in the COVID environment. We can travel even to the closest place. We can take our students to the Alamo, even if we live in San Antonio, we can take them to the nine 11 Memorial even if you live in New York, and we can take them to museums to see dinosaurs.

All of this is available for you on expeditions V2, again, with high quality images and high quality content. One of the strengths of Google expeditions compared to other virtual field trips apps that are available out there, is that it was free. There was no subscription, and you didn't have to pay monthly or yearly fee. This is something that we are committed to continue. All the content on expeditions V2 is free.

If you own it, it's yours. You don't need to pay again next year; if you download that it's yours. And we are committing here to all our educators. Once it's yours, it's yours forever. It's only your devices, not dependent on any cloud service or any company that may come in in the future and ask for more funds, just to keep whatever you're doing going.

At the launch we are offering you a selection of hundreds of expeditions in 20 different categories, all the way from forests to deserts. From ancient ward to current days from space through the human body, there is an expedition for everyone and the expeditions are available in virtual reality or augmented reality in phone-based devices, or even all in one device. And the kits come in different configurations from three student devices, all the way to 45 in a transport case or in a rolling cart.

It doesn't matter how much funds you have or what's your school setup. We can work with you and find the kit that answers your needs. There is one important thing that I would like to ask our educators to pay attention to. Don't be fooled by many, many other companies out there that are trying to sell into the education market.

Lenovo, for example, announced Lenovo classroom. Lenovo VR classroom, but they have no content. You have to subscribe to other services in order to get their content. And they have no expeditions, on the other end vendors like best buy will provide you the electronics, but they have no access to any educational materials and other vendors like Aquila will provide you all the boxes and you need to install, configure, pair, everything. RobotLAB is the only vendor out there that will provide you all the resources that you need. The hardware, the software, the content, the training, the installation support, everything that you need and we are doing it for over a decade. We understand schools and schools are our focus.

For those of you who already purchased VR kits and already running them successfully in your classrooms, we can partner together and we can upgrade your kits and retrofit them to work with expeditions V2, just contact us.

If you'purchased on the last 60 days, we will offer you a free upgrade. We'll get your kit and upgrade and retrofit that to work with expeditions, V2 and going forward. Of course, everyone will get both expeditions, V2 and Google expeditions because it's still going to work for the upcoming 12 to 18 months.

We would love to partner with you. We would love to hear from you so please let us know. We would love to work with you even if you didn't purchase the region on a kit from us. We are here to support you. We admire your hard work, especially in these hard times and we want to support you, and we want you to be able to engage students and take them places that otherwise they can't go.

Click here to join our webinar. We'll take you through the screens. We'll take you through the kits and answer all your questions. Click here if you need a price quote or someone from our team to contact you and get you started with expeditions V2.

Thank you and as we said, expeditions is dead, long live expeditions V2. I appreciate your hard work.


Thank you.


Discover more about RobotLAB Expeditions V2!

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  • Nov 3, 2020 11:31:48 AM

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