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Feature a Teacher: NAO as an emotional robot for students

Mauro Colucci a Mechatronics teacher, and Maila Biaggi a English language teacher at Vocational School’G. Marcelli’- http://www.scuolafoiano.gov.it/ they have been using the NAO Robot for two years when the school was looking for an emotional robot completely programmable that could have a strong impact on the students. they met NAO Robot and since then, they realized it was the perfect tool for them.


Mr. Colucci and Ms.Biaggi programmed the NAO robot with their students to prepare performances in diverse activities such as drama school interacting in funny scenes with young actors and actresses. The robot speaks, dances, and moves showing thoughts and feelings to the students. Mr. Colucci and Ms. Biaggi shows NAO to young people who still have to decide which type of school they will attend the following year.

Mr. Colucci and Ms. Biaggi students’ use Choreographe to program the robot and they will do it in Python soon. The type of projects usually last around two weeks depending on the type of activity students want to create with the robot.


For Mr. Colucci and Ms. Biaggi, the impact has been positive for the rest of the community developing a great curiosity about the robot. The fact that their students from every school grade can program it and interact with it is what they most loves about NAO. “The robot is something new and nobody has ever seen something like it before” and to Mr. Colucci and Ms. Biaggi this is what makes NAO very special involving even shy children and adults.

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  • Apr 25, 2018 1:56:43 PM

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