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Oklahoma public schools are boosting their STEM learning with RobotsLAB BOX

Oklahoma public schools are about to receive an enormous boost to their STEM learning programs. The innovative Oklahoma City STEM learning facility techJoynT has teamed with us here at RobotsLAB in San Francisco to bring our award winning RobotsLAB BOX with its innovative math teaching aids to public school students in the state. Yes, the study of math is about to become exciting!

As those of you familiar with this blog are aware, our BOX is designed to assist math educators in teaching abstract math concepts by engaging students with robots. And as Dr Peter Stone, Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, Guggenheim Fellow, AAAI Fellow, Fulbright Scholar, and Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin, explains “You don’t need to be experienced with robotics or have a degree in computer science, just an enthusiasm for your subject area...You can open the BOX, turn on the preloaded tablet and within minutes be explaining quadratic equations with a quad copter.” This beats pontificating in front of a blackboard every time!


The BOX’s ease of use and ability to demonstrate abstract concepts in a fun and engaging manner dovetails perfectly with techJoynT Academy’s stated aim of being “a place for kids to learn and grab onto STEAM concepts with hands-on learning and mentoring by today’s professionals and access to tools and toys that are out of reach for most people.”  The RobotsLAB BOX is “a perfect fit for our Mobile STEM lab,” says techJOYnT CEO, Ray Shaik.

This mobile STEM lab with the RobotsLAB BOX has began its Oklahoma public schools’ tour at the Oakdale Public schools in Edmond Oklahoma on January 14, 2014. We are certain this partnership in innovative math education will benefit students in Oklahoma just as our BOX already has in schools across the United States.

  • Jan 31, 2014 4:02:00 PM
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