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SoftBank Robotics America and RobotLAB Announce Exclusive Channel Partnership to Offer Pepper and NAO in North America

RobotLAB will also distribute Whiz in select markets as part of the Whiz Partnership Program.


SAN FRANCISCO -- June 17, 2021-- RobotLAB Inc., (RobotLAB) the leading robotics integrator, and SoftBank Robotics America (SBRA) announced today that the humanoid robots Pepper and NAO are now exclusively available through RobotLAB in North America. The partnership also expands Pepper’s previous industry and STREAM education focus areas to a broader range of applications, and marks RobotLAB’s debut as one of SBRA’s Whiz Partners. 

This latest iteration of the two companies’ collaboration builds upon their long-standing partnership in bringing SBRA’s B2B robotics solutions to market and moving innovative automation forward. RobotLAB has already deployed and supported thousands of robots in the field, including Pepper and NAO. 

“We are pleased to expand our partnership with SBRA to become the exclusive distributor of Pepper and NAO, while also adding a new solution into our collaborative portfolio with Whiz and Whiz Connect,” said Elad Inbar, CEO of RobotLAB. “SoftBank Robotics is known for commercializing robotics that make people’s lives safer and more connected, which matches our focus on smart, useful robots, especially in this new normal. As we continue to partner to bring the extraordinary to humanity’s day-to-day, RobotLAB will further develop the Pepper experience through the latest hardware models and our proprietary Robot Control AI platform.” 

To help companies choose the right solution for their needs, the RobotLab is offering two versions of Pepper:

- Pepper Premium

- Pepper Premium+Nav

The two robots share the same underlying hardware, with Pepper Premium+Nav also allowing for autonomous navigation, while Pepper Premium serves stationary applications. Pepper’s use cases continue to span education and research, hospitality and dining, retail banking, and healthcare and senior living, in addition to new industries. 

In the education and research market, RobotLAB offers Pepper and NAO together with a curriculum that helps students learn how to code and program the robot. Pepper Premium can be programmed using Python, C++, or the drag-and-drop interface, Choregraphe, while Pepper Premium+Nav can be programmed using Android Studio and Java. The Robot Control system is also available to customize programmability and cloud control as needed. 

Both versions can be managed by RobotLAB’s cloud-based, AI-powered Robot Control system. Robot Control introduces a breakthrough in social robot flexibility by allowing customers to choose the skills they want for their robot. These skills might include conversation, identification of people and situations, entertainment, or physical tours. The system also offers a comprehensive analytics tool that helps fleet managers study how people interact with the robots and change robot behaviors through the cloud-based service.

“RobotLAB’s proven expertise in supporting our mission around humanoid robotics makes them the ideal exclusive partner for Pepper and NAO as we continue to grow our channel partnership network in North America,” said Brady Watkins, General Manager and Senior Vice President at SoftBank Robotics America. “They have a strong understanding of the need and demand for robotics in this new era of reoccupying public spaces and the health and safety benefits that distancing, information sharing, and smarter cleaning bring. This is a natural next step in our humanoid partnership as well as our broader vision on the future of the connected workplace through all of our solutions, including Whiz.”

To learn more, please click below:

Pepper: robotlab.com/pepper-robot

NAO: robotlab.com/store/nao-power-v6-standard-edition 

Whiz: robotlab.com/whiz-robot 

About RobotLAB

For over a decade, RobotLAB is dedicated to making robots smart and useful, supporting businesses and educational entities in their journey into the 21st-century user experience. As the leading educational-robotics company, RobotLAB is providing schools and universities with AI-LABs, equipped with robotics technologies, that empower educators and engage students with the most important skills for this generation: robotics, coding, and programming. RobotLAB also offers businesses a clear pathway towards successful integration of robotics solutions in banks, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and other enterprise and small businesses. For more information about RobotLAB Inc. please visit RobotLAB.com

About SoftBank Robotics America

SoftBank Robotics is driving technology forward as a worldwide leader in robotics solutions. Rapidly expanding with offices in Tokyo, Paris, London, San Francisco, Boston, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, and Sydney, SoftBank Robotics is constantly exploring and commercializing robotics solutions that help make people’s lives easier, safer, more connected, and more extraordinary. There are currently over 30,000 SoftBank Robotics robots used in more than 70 countries worldwide offering innovative applications relevant in the fields of retail, tourism, healthcare, finance, education, facilities management, and cleaning. For more information on SoftBank Robotics America, please visit us.softbankrobotics.com.


  • Jun 17, 2021 4:05:51 PM

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