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[Support] NAO says: "Error 501, I can't connect to Cloud services, my system date is wrong"

If you are getting a “Error 501, I can’t connect to Cloud services, my system date is wrong” this is most likely an indication the the head battery is depleted or dead.

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1/ Make sure your robot is properly connected to your network (or directly to your computer).

If you're not sure, press NAO's chest button once. The robot should say his IP address (write it down, you'll need it).

2/ Download and Install the software PuTTY on your computer. You can find it here.

3/ Open the software PuTTY and type your NAO's IP address in the "HOST NAME" field. Confirm by cliking on "OPEN".


If you get the PuTTY security alert window, just click on YES.

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  • Jul 12, 2017 4:56:42 PM