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Expeditions 2.0 troubleshooting

Expeditions 2.0 Logo (4)Student devices lose the connection. Nothing will connect. The app freezes when I press "play". We've seen it all and found the solution!

If you are experiencing a problem with the Expeditions 2.0 program, the very first thing to check is that your teacher device is running the most up to date version. You can find the version number by opening the app and checking the bottom left corner of the Browse page. The most current version of the teacher app is 2.40. If you need to update the app, Contact Support.

If your teacher app is up to date, more in-depth troubleshooting depends on the type of problem you are experiencing.

Problem with a few devices:

If you have just a few devices that will not connect or lose their connection, our normal troubleshooting procedure goes this way:

  1. Make sure all the devices are on the same WIFI network
  2. Force quit and restart the app on the student device
    Restart the student device



Problem with lots of devices (not all):

If a problem affects a lot of student devices, it is likely that you are experiencing a router problem. In practice this usually looks like getting the students connected, pressing play, and having several student devices lose the connection. Then you press play on the next scene and lose even more students. If you suspect your router to be the problem, take 5-10 student devices and the teacher tablet home and test the app on your home WIFI. If the system works well on your home WIFI, the router with your kit is probably faulty. Using the wrong Teacher App version can cause similar behavior, so check your version number!

Problem with ALL devices:

If you experience a problem that affects ALL of your student devices, in almost every case the teacher tablet is not on the same WIFI as the student devices. This would look like student devices showing the blue circle with the message “Looking for teacher on [WIFI]". 

Another problem that would affect all student devices is if your school network is connected to your router. The router with your VR kit should not have an ethernet cable connected to it. The only cable coming out of it should be its power cord. Most school networks are configured in a way that prevents Expeditions 2.0 from communicating. When you plug an ethernet cable from your school network into the router, the WIFI from the router takes on the settings of your school network. 


There are very few situations where restarting the app on the teacher tablet may help. If you restart the app on the teacher device, or if you reboot the teacher device, you will need to restart the app on all student devices as well.


If none of the above solves the problem you are experiencing, or if you are experiencing a problem that isn’t described above, Contact Support.

  • Jan 18, 2023 2:03:14 PM