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My AR.Drone batteries won't charge/aren't working right. What do I do?

Your AR.Drone uses LiPo batteries. LiPo stands for Lithium Polymer – they’re great because of their light weight and huge power storage abilities, but there are some downsides we’re finding out about. These batteries are very fragile, and there are a few specific procedures for charging and using the batteries that you should know before use.


-Don’t store the batteries or put them away for long periods of time right after charging them. It’s counterintuitive, I know, but storing them at 100% charge actually damages the cells. Instead, store them with between 25% and 60% charge. If you have more juice than that, just pop the battery into the AR.Drone, turn on your tablet, and fly the drone for a few minutes, until the battery indicator in the bottom left corner of the lesson reads between 25-60%. What a great excuse to fly a quadcopter, right?

-Additionally, don’t leave the batteries plugged in longer than necessary. The battery only takes about an hour to fully charge; leaving them plugged in for longer than that can reduce the lifespan -- the charger will turn green when the battery is fully charged. Now you use it! Remember, don’t store them at 100%.

-Similarly, don’t store the batteries or put them away with a 0% charge – this will damage the cells as well, and significantly reduces the lifespan of the battery. Just plug the battery into the charger for 15-20 minutes, and then unplug and store as usual.

-Lastly, don’t charge the batteries immediately after draining them, especially not while they’re still hot. Wait a few minutes until the battery is cool to the touch, and then go ahead and charge the battery.

Follow these simple rules, and you’ll get plenty of life out of your batteries, and plenty of fun out of your AR.Drone! Have questions? Contact us at support@robotLAB.com, or call us at 415-702-3030


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