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Tour Creator Troubleshooting

Logo Tour creator-black background copyIf you are having trouble resetting your Tour Creator password, Contact Support.

There are two problems you might experience when creating tours in Tour Creator:

I created a project in Tour Creator but it isn’t showing up on the tablet.

"My Tours" has an unpublished project even though I selected “Publish” in Tour Creator.

Both of these problems stem from the Tour Creator login email address and the Expeditions 2.0 Activation Code.


If you create content in Tour Creator and publish it, but it does not show up on your teacher tablet, your email is associated with an Activation Code that is different from the one on your tablet.

To solve the problem, email support@robotlab.com with the activation code found on your teacher tablet and the email address you use as your Tour Creator login. To find your Activation Code, open Expeditions 2.0 on the tablet and choose “Settings” from the left-side menu. We will manually connect your Tour Creator email to your tablet’s Activation Code.


If you are seeing unpublished tours on your teacher tablet, but have published all changes in Tour Creator, there are two possible causes. The simplest is that the tour has no content. If you publish a tour that does not include any images, the tour will show on the teacher tablet as “unpublished”.

The more challenging possibility is that the unpublished tours were created using a different email address previously associated with your tablet’s Activation Code. There is a simple test you can do to check if this is the case. In Tour Creator, delete the Tour that is appearing as unpublished. If it remains on the tablet, it was definitely made for your Activation Code using a different Tour Creator login.

If you are seeing an unpublished tour and would like us to manually remove it from your tablet, please Contact Support with your Activation Code, the email address you use for Tour Creator login, and the name of the unpublished tour.


If you are experiencing a problem with Tour Creator that is not addressed here, please Contact Support

  • Jan 18, 2023 1:55:28 PM