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5 Reasons to Teach Students 3D-Tech Skills

3D technology, while not necessarily new, has taken off in recent years. Workers in industries like architecture and design use 3D tech skills to bring their visions to life. 3D printing is one of the more popular aspects of this innovation, but educators can teach students several others — for any grade level from kindergarten through college. 

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These five reasons show the benefits of teaching students 3D skills.

By Devin Partida

1. Curriculum Expansion 

Often, 3D printing takes the spotlight when it comes to this kind of technology. Architects, graphic designers and contractors all use 3D modeling and printing for plans and materials. However, 3D tech applies to many other fields as well — enough to expand the curriculum to new places. 

Students can use 3D tech in almost every class. They could be printing artifacts for their elementary history class, using software for their high school graphic design project or 3D modeling as a college architecture student. The possibilities are endless.

No matter how you teach them, these kinds of 3D tech skills will stick with students in the long run. 

2. Engagement Boost

Three-dimensional technology includes a range of skills and platforms. For instance, 3D printing first requires modeling on software for computer-aided design (CAD). Once students have that foundation, you can help them explore the range of possibilities 3D tech offers. 

With the versatility of 3D tech, students of all backgrounds and with different interests can engage. It's a unique learning style that will keep everyone doing something new and moving forward. One student can model a building, while another can create a 3D structure of an element on the periodic table. 

From visualization to the hands-on experience, 3D tech provides a personal experience for each student. 

3. Job Preparation

3D tech-related jobs are on the rise throughout the world. Since these skills apply to almost any industry, it makes sense that the demand is increasing. For instance, 3D printing for contractors and 3D modeling exhibitions in museums are entirely different, yet growing, areas of work. 

Something like scanning three-dimensionally is an example of a job market opening up to this expanding field, too.  

No matter what educational level, you, as the instructor, can prepare students for a variety of future jobs. It will be a beneficial skill for them to put on their resumes. They may even find a path they didn't realize they were interested in.

4. Life Skills Development

As most courses and fields of study do, 3D tech can develop students' life skills. First, they'll be able to approach CAD systems creatively. If one path doesn't work, they'll sharpen their critical thinking skills by pursuing another. 

There's an overlap, too, between academic work and genuine interest. Students get to creatively work on meaningful projects or develop assignments in a unique way. 

Stepping outside the box helps collaboration skills as well. Working with others — students or educators — allows students to reach out when they need help and get assistance. This dynamic continues throughout college as well. It's a lesson students sometimes need reminding of.

5. Tech Adjustments

Technology has gradually been working its way into the classroom. Whether it's typing programs for kids or virtual learning for the entire class, tech is there every step of the way. With the integration of 3D software and systems, technology can progress even more. 

Technology also provides accessibility. Students are all different, with changing needs and preferences for learning. Technology gives them access to those needs, encouraging the benefits of educational devices in the classroom. 

3D Education

Ultimately, teaching your students 3D tech skills gives them the experience and knowledge they need to open the door to this innovative world. From kindergarten through college, 3D tech provides new paths and keeps students learning in ways that help them grow.

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  • Sep 11, 2020 8:00:00 AM

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