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5 Reasons Why Preschoolers Need STEM (And Why It Must Be Easy!)

STEM education, which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, has seen a rise in early introduction in schools. As technical and scientific skills become more sought after in the industry, more schools are encouraging kids from as early as preschool to learn STEM

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However, some bodies are still not convinced of the importance of STEM in preschool. So, this article focuses on five critical reasons for teaching STEM in the early years.

By Nancy Howard. 

Why schools should make STEM learning easy

While schools embrace STEM learning, there is a need to simplify the learning process for kids as this can help kids build interest in the field. You can do this by introducing STEM projects with real-world applicability,

By introducing activities with real-life implications to your kids;

  • You can help students leverage already existing knowledge when solving STEM problems.

  • Your kids can see first hand the applicability of what they are learning, which will help them assimilate information faster.

  • You create an interest in the kids to involve themselves in STEM learning.

  • Students see that STEM education is more than just a class to complete. So, they will wholly involve themselves in a STEM lifestyle.

  • They can eventually use ideas generated from STEM projects to create real-world solutions.

ThuThus, it is necessary that you make STEM in preschool easy for the kids by teaching them concepts that carry real-world applicability.

Five reasons why STEM education for kindergarten is important

1) Preschool stem activities kindle a lifelong love of learning

Firstly, when you introduce STEM to kids from an unset, you teach these kids how some of their favorite things work. They can learn how a computer works or how their video game works. Kids are more eager to learn and will grow up loving to learn and explore.

There are so many preschool STEM activities you could start kids off on ensuring they have a solid STEM foundation.

2) STEM is fun for preschoolers

Most adults shy away from STEM education because it has been labeled difficult by some. But, exposing kids to STEM from a young age is an excellent way to break the stereotype that STEM education is challenging while helping kids experience the fun in STEM.

STEM experiences are fun, engaging, and different. It can stimulate preschoolers' creative side and allow kids to bring their own perspective to problem-solving.

3) Kids can learn soft skills from STEM

Another reason preschoolers need STEM is that it helps them learn the soft skills required in everyday life. When you introduce kids to STEM from preschool, they learn to make sense of problems and proffer solutions.

Preschoolers will work in a team to observe and collect data, then use it to solve set problems.

For example, a STEM project will see groups of kids discussing ideas, collaborating with each other and with the teachers, thinking up solutions, and communicating effectively through the process. Teamwork and communication are some soft skills needed in the workplace, and kids can learn them through STEM from preschool.

4) STEM learning feeds creativity in preschoolers.

Another reason why preschoolers need STEM is that it helps feed their creativity and grow their imagination. Through STEM learning, kids can look at STEM products and think of how they can contribute to the industry; therefore, not only thinking like a consumer.

They learn to solve problems creatively through various preschool STEM activities.

For example, Storytelling with Nao builds on this point by taking kids through various creative stages of problem-solving by utilizing literary devices and programming NAO to tell a story. The end goal is to write a story through literature and programming creatively. Their only limit is their imagination.

Creativity is useful in every field. Even professional writers from writing services review websites like Online Writers Rating need creativity. So, STEM is not only for students interested in science but for every kid looking to think creatively.

5) Kids can learn on their own terms

Lastly, stem education for kindergarten is necessary because kids can learn to do things on their own time.

It is easy to dish out many reasons why STEM is beneficial for kids, but your kids also need to understand these benefits. So, by giving your kids the freedom to learn STEM via a learning/playing experience, you give your kids the power of critical and individual thinking. This will open them to problem-solving using their own ways.

The Introduction to comput. thinking by RobotLb is one of the excellent STEM programs for preschoolers to start with. Kids can independently work through the activity to investigate each sense's unique properties and act cubelet in the exercise.

In Conclusion

If you read through this article, you know the benefits that STEM learning holds for preschoolers. There are a ton of STEM programs for preschoolers that kids can learn with. However, these kids need support and guidance from their educators to master STEM properly. So, start some preschool STEM activities with your kids.

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