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5 STEM Skills Needed in Non-Tech Industries

By Devin Partida

 STEM is one of the most versatile fields out there. It incorporates countless skills like data analysis and technical knowledge that professionals can then apply to a variety of industries. Remaining in STEM is not the only option available. Taking that expertise and using it elsewhere opens up opportunities in every industry imaginable.


1. Research and Analysis

Research is a central part of STEM. Students and professionals alike must investigate the topic they’re working on, which could be anything from studying the COVID-19 pandemic to monitoring pollution levels in urban areas. After conducting research, analysis is the next step.

These two skills go hand-in-hand for countless industries outside of technology. For instance, a marketing position requires the ability to follow consumer trends and create actionable plans from that research. This skillset from a STEM background is what makes job candidates stand out.

2. Data Organization

Data comes in many different forms. It could be something as complex as health care information about each patient, or something simpler, like the client base for a small business. Understanding how to read, organize and take action from data is key.

Much of the skill involves gathering the data into a digestible format. It will help businesses of all kinds break down larger topics into smaller, more manageable chunks. Organizing the data from a local company could help the owners figure out what their target demographics are.

3. Mathematics

Math factors into every industry. It’s an extremely relevant skill to have since it involves calculations for even the smallest details. Engineers looking to improve public works like bridges need the right calculation to ensure they can support vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Math is also vital for correctly determining profits and losses.

Math can even factor into jobs more subtly. Music production requires calculating the right levels of instruments and vocals during the sound mixing process. It’s a highly adaptable skill that stands out on any resume.

4. Network Management

Almost all businesses run on or incorporate a network of some sort. It’s especially vital for the internet, data storage and cybersecurity. Each of these categories can experience various issues, so companies must have someone in charge of system management at all times.

People who have STEM backgrounds and in-depth knowledge of all things tech-related are an optimal fit in any industry.

Moreover, the technical skills that come from STEM are invaluable here as well. Knowing how to troubleshoot entire systems and operate computers efficiently are skills that all businesses need in this technological age.

5. Teamwork and Independence

Companies in every industry want to know that new hires can integrate well with the existing team and also work on their own when needed. STEM provides both of these skills in unique ways.

STEM professionals are consistently working in teams. For example, science professionals may monitor global warming and then report back to several groups to handle and process the results. This form of easy collaboration fares well in any field.

Initiative is appreciated in any field. Handling large projects individually is an inherent part of STEM work and pairs nicely with collaborative skills.

The Versatility of STEM

STEM can fit the mold of virtually any profession. The key is knowing how to convey work and school experience correctly to best serve the industry of interest. Applying STEM skills to various job opportunities is critical in demonstrating the true power that STEM holds. When someone has a degree in science, technology, engineering or math, they can have their pick of careers and a bright future ahead of them.


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Devin Partida
Editor-in-Chief - 


  • Nov 18, 2020 8:00:00 AM

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