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6 Questions to Improve Your Virtual Classroom

It can be difficult to gauge how effective your online instruction is—using surveys to gather regular student feedback can help.

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In a virtual classroom, it can be challenging to know when students are following a lesson. Much of the information that’s communicated in face-to-face classrooms—nonverbal cues like facial expressions, eye contact, and posture—is lost when student faces are miniaturized and stacked in grids.


In a 2019 study, experienced instructors shared their solution: To read your virtual classroom, you’ll need to collect feedback regularly.

Complex new tools aren’t needed. You can use a simple Google Form (requires sign in) or
an app like Pear Deck or Padlet to gather student impressions. Here are six questions we recommend:

1. On a scale from 1 to 5, how comfortable do you feel using technology in our virtual classroom?

2. Have you encountered any technical issues, such as not being able to hear me or not being able to connect to the internet?

3. Are my lessons well organized and my assignments clear?

4. Can you easily find what you need?⁣

5. Do you feel like your voice is heard?

6. What can I do to improve our online classroom?



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