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Engage! K12 is the only learning platform that supports the new robot from SoftBank Robotics

SoftBank Robotics is launching NAO V6, and RobotLAB’s online learning platform can be used with it in the classroom.

RobotLAB Inc., the award winning Educational Robotics company, announces today that Engage!K12, its leading online learning platform for STEM and robotics, is now supporting the 6th version of the popular NAO Robot by SoftBank Robotics. This platform brings hundreds of lesson plans, activities, apps, and simulation tools to teach Coding, Programming, Math, ELA and STEM for grades K-12.

RobotLAB is focused on providing comprehensive, interactive, standard-aligned content for STEM and coding classes on its Engage!K12 platform. On the platform, teachers can find a wide range of digital courses and hands-on activities that bring abstract concepts to life using robots. Teachers can also create their own lessons and publish them.

“Engage!K12 focuses on developing 21st-century skills and global competencies through the purposeful use of technology, project-based, and blended learning” Said Elad Inbar, CEO of RobotLAB. “In and out of the classroom, students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, computational-thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration skills”


The online platform supports a variety of robots that can be used in order to teach standards-aligned lessons (Common Core, NGSS, TEKS). One of the main robots is the NAO Robot, and the latest version is the Nao Robot V6, which is now available with a variety of lessons on Engage!K12.

“As a teacher, we are constantly feeling overwhelmed by the amount of lesson planning we have to do, we focus a lot on how to engage our students and how to represent their skills”, said Diane Francis, a teacher at Albany High School. “But  Engage! K12 sets everything up for me. It gave me activities for my students to do with the NAO robot so I could make sure that they master the skills and it gave me the extra fun piece that I was looking for in my classes”


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