Engage! K12 Curriculum


This online curriculum gives you access to hundreds of lesson plans, activities and simulation tools to teach Coding, Programming, Math, ELA and STEM for grades 4-12.

Students and teachers can access the browser-based learning ecosystem from any device. A user-friendly interface allows teachers, even those with zero programming experience, to bring their lessons to life with virtual or physical robots.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Ready-to-use lesson plans and STEM project templates designed to support 21st century skills and college career readiness. Aligned with Common Core, NGSS and TEKS standards for grades K-12.

Teachers can integrate project-based learning into what they already teach, using robots. From Storytelling to Math, educators can assign a relevant Engage! K12 activity and students will follow instructions and apply a concept to a meaningful challenge where they can explore, experiment and learn.

Fun and Engaging

Engage! K12 makes learning fun yet focused. The theme-based activities ignite students’ curiosity by bringing abstract concepts to life using robots.

Simulation Tools

The included simulation tools allow students to run their activities without using real robots,making deployment versatile and more cost-effective, lowering the student/robot ratio needed.

Multi-Robots Friendly

The Lesson plans on Engage! K12 are compatible with a wide variety of robots: from humanoid robots to quadcopters, 3D printers and even autonomous cars.

Web-based Interface

Engage! K12 activities are web-based and accessible from any device: Chromebook, PC and Mac using a web-browser. This architecture allows every school to enjoy a fast and easy deployment.

Time Saving Tools

The easy-to-use interface allows teachers to set up seamlessly their classroom and find activities by grade, subject, and standard, track students' achievements and quickly measure learning outcomes.

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Engage! K12 Curriculum


Price: $990

In Stock