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RobotLAB, Creator of VR Expeditions 2.0 Expands Its Educational Virtual Field-Trips Offering With Class VR

Expanding on the already rich virtual reality offering, RobotLAB announced its partnership with Class VR, cementing its position as the leader in VR/AR technology for the classroom. 

Image source: https://www.classvr.com/ 

\December 7, 2020 – San Francisco, CA\ – RobotLAB Inc., the award-winning educational robotics company, announced today its partnership with Avantis Ltd., a UK-based leader in the virtual reality for the classroom. Avantis’ flagship product – ClassVR, offers a versatile platform harnessing the power of Virtual and Augmented Reality for education. It comes with hundreds of lesson plans and access to classroom management tools, and a real-time classroom delivery platform.





"RobotLAB is working in the Virtual Field Trips market for many years,” said Elad Inbar, RobotLAB’ CEO, "First, as Google Expeditions’ global certified partner, and now that it was retired, as the creator of Google Expeditions’ alternative - VR Expeditions 2.0. The partnership with Avantis and the introduction of ClassVR as a part of RobotLAB’s portfolio cements RobotLAB’s leadership in the Educational VR field and the commitment to the education community.” Added Inbar.

We’re incredibly excited that RobotLAB is representing ClassVR,” said Huw Williams, Chief Marketing Officer for Avantis, "Class VR has been an educational success worldwide, and the partnership with RobotLAB will help to bring it to many more schools.” added Williams. “ClassVR was named the 5* Winner of the Tech for Teachers Award. We are always conscious that any classroom technology should be relevant and impactful and not just about the technology, so it was great to see that RobotLAB has a similar mission statement. Sometimes, the stars align perfectly” concluded Williams.

RobotLAB believes that this partnership will continue to enhance the educational technology not only for the in-person instruction in the classroom, but during times of a pandemic.

Available in sets of 4, 8 & 30 headsets, ClassVR expands RobotLAB’s virtual reality portfolio, ranging from the Standard VR kits, AR/VR kits to Advanced VR kits, and the newly launched Class VR kits. Educators will be able to enjoy Class VR content on the devices and later on VR Expeditions 2.0 content on the Class VR platform as well.


To learn more about all Virtual Field Trips options, please visit:



ClassVR VR Set

About RobotLAB (www.RobotLAB.com)

Founded more than a decade ago, RobotLAB is the premier educational-robotics company. The company’s innovative use of robots in the classroom was recognized by prominent organizations and won the company multiple awards such as the Best EdTech Company (SxSWEdu), the Gold in education category (Edison Awards), a Game Changer award (RoboBusiness) Best STEM tool (EdTech Digest) and many more.  Trusted by educators in more than 2,500 schools, RobotLAB is leading the educational-robotics market, ensuring schools’ investment in technology won’t be wasted. Its flagship product, Engage! K12 is designed to engage students and help them master the skills they need in order to ensure career and college readiness while developing 21st-century skills.


  • Dec 7, 2020 10:22:35 AM

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