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Your Robot Chauffeur Has Arrived

We are very pleased to announce today that the NAO robot from Aldebaran Robotics has two new homes: behind the wheel of a BMW Z4 electric car, and exclusively available only from RobotsLAB. 


The stylish BMW Z4 is now part of the broad STEM curriculum services available from RobotsLAB as well for developers.  The NAO + Car will be offered by RobotsLAB as part of our STEM-U program; a holistic and revolutionary curriculum for STEM subjects from pre-K to higher education that makes use of robots and other visual tools.  Under the STEM-U umbrella, we now offer standards-aligned curricula using drones, rovers, robots, Cubelets, 3D printers, and even basketballs.  All part of our mission to assist teachers and better engage students using the most innovative tools available to twenty-first century educators.


Putting NAO behind the wheel for teaching and research purposes is only the latest step in many examples of working with NAO.  In recent years, RobotsLAB has been closely involved in NAO-related events such as: the Robot Soccer World Cup, an annual event since 1997; research into the potential benefits of robots in the battle against autism; a skydiving expedition to celebrate key NAO milestones; a NAO robot fashion show; and even a trip to Mars (sort of).


If you are fortunate enough to be attending TechCrunch Disrupt SF this week, or following it live via the Web keep an eye out for a smallish BMW sports car with a robot behind the wheel.  The obstacle avoidance features will be working overtime as this very crowded event!


In addition and effective immediately, RobotsLAB is now the exclusive reseller of the world-famous NAO in North and Latin America.  NAO is the world's leading humanoid robot being used in research and education, and an ideal platform for teaching STEM concepts at all levels.  RobotsLAB has been an authorized U.S. reseller of NAO for more than four years, and has also developed several curricula for NAO to aid the teaching of STEM and computer science subjects in classrooms. NAO curriculum covers the whole range from K-12 and college; each program includes common core aligned modules and comes in a digital version, which includes a teacher's book, a student book, and solutions to all the exercises.  The NAO STEM Curriculum is most appropriate for high school and college-level students.


  • Sep 8, 2014 1:26:00 PM

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