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NAO Robot V5 Open Box Edition for Schools

NAO Robot V5 Open Box Edition for Schools

Robots for developers

The result of a unique combination of mechanical engineering and software, NAO is a character made up of a multitude of sensors, motors, and software piloted by a made-to-measure operating system: NAOqi OS. If you are interested in NAO V6 but the budget is less than expected this year, consider V5 as an option to put NAO in your classroom!

The pack includes:

  • One NAO V5 (red or blue)
  • 1 Charger and 1 battery
  • 1 Choregraphe License
  • Full SDK and API
  • Warranty available for purchase

Price: $6,500

Starting from* plus shipping

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  • Main Features

    Fully-programmable humanoid robot

  • Sensors

    HD Cameras, tactile sensors, position sensors, microphones, force sensitive resistors, sonars

  • Programming Languages

    Drag&Drop, C++, Python, Java

  • Educational value

    Computer Science

  • What’s in the box?

    1 NAO robot, 1 Choregraphe Software License, 1 Charger, 1 Battery, Full SDK

  • Mobile / stationary

    Mobile robot

  • Autonomy


  • Best for


  • Professional Development / Training

    Training available as an option

  • Warranty

    Available for purchase


NAO is designed to be personalized: add content, using a variety of capacities, enriching his personality, and even developing new skills and know-how. NAO is your robot and the Choregraphe software will help you to personalize him.

7 senses for natural interaction

Moving: NAO has 25 degrees of freedom and a humanoid shape that enable him to move and adapt to the world around him. His inertial unit enables him to maintain his balance and to know whether he is standing up or lying down.

Feeling: The numerous sensors in his head, hands, and feet, as well as his sonars, enable him to perceive his environment and get his bearings.

Hearing and speaking: With his 4 directional microphones and loudspeakers, NAO interacts with humans in a completely natural manner, by listening and speaking.

Seeing: NAO is equipped with two cameras that film his environment in high resolution, helping him to recognize shapes and objects.

Connecting: To access the Internet autonomously, NAO is able to use a range of different connection modes (WiFi, Ethernet).

Thinking: We can't really talk about "Artificial Intelligence" with NAO, but robots are already able to reproduce human behavior.

Participate in developing on NAO!

Anyone can contribute to NAO's development by inventing new forms of use. Though the main applications are developed by the manufacturer SoftBank Robotics, NAO won't grow on its own.

On the contrary, the platform that we offer opens the way for new creative models, aimed primarily at application developers, but not exclusively.

Animators, sound designers, graphic designers, linguists, or even education and reception specialists, people from all disciplines are equally invited to join the SoftBank Robotics community.

Creating, inventing, programming, and putting new content online will make NAO even more interesting!

Available Documents

NAO Robot V5 Open Box Edition for Schools

Robots for developers

Price: $6,500

Starting from* plus shipping


NAO Robot V5 Open Box Edition for Schools

Robots for developers

Price: $6,500

Starting from* plus shipping