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RobotLAB VR Kit for Autism

RobotLAB VR Kit for Autism

Virtual Reality Therapy for Autism

Use the power of Virtual Reality to develop a supplementary method of teaching social and communication skills for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The pack includes:

  • 10 Virtual Reality Headsets

  • 1 Tablet (iPad) with pre-installed FLOREO VR Software License (1-year Subscription)

  • 1 WiFi Router

  • 1 Curriculum (+110 lessons available)

  • 1 Transport Case

  • 1-hour Online Training

  • 1-year Warranty & RobotLAB Support

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Price: $14,990

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  • Main Features

    Virtual Reality for Special Ed

  • What’s in the box?

    1 student mobile VR viewer, 1 VR-Compatible Smartphone (iPhone), 1 teacher tablet pre-installed, with Software, 1 WiFi router, 1 transport case and a 1-year warranty and RobotLAB support

  • Mobile / stationary


  • Student to robot ratio

    1 kit per student

  • Best for

    Special Ed Program

  • Grade Level


  • Curriculum

    Discrete social behaviors, planned and unplanned events, sensory and emotional regulation

  • Professional Development / Training

    1 hour introductory training included

  • Warranty

    1 year warranty

RobotLAB VR Autism Kit-Transparent

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RobotLAB is leveraging the power of Virtual Reality to offer a supplementary method of teaching social and communication skills for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The library of lessons is fun and engaging for the learner, while also providing a supervising adult the opportunity to monitor and track the learner’s progress. The RobotLAB Autism VR  is currently being used by schools, therapy practices, and parents. All lessons are science-based; several research studies are currently on-going including a study in collaboration with the Center for Autism Research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and National Institutes of Health.


What is the RobotLAB VR Kit for Autism?

The RobotLAB VR Kit for Autism is an all-in-one turnkey solution that includes all the equipment needed to deliver VR lessons and lesson plans to help professionals improve the lives of individual with autism.  


VR  Autism Child


Powered by VR

Immersive and repeatable, providing context difficult to replicate in home or office

Supervised Experience

Parents & Therapists can help guide the process of the learner in a fun & engaging way

VR Autism Lesson





Mobile VR price point makes it an accessible therapy supplement that is tele-teaching ready

Data Collection

Automated capture and analysis of previsouly unavailable data





The learning tool’s ever-growing content is based on established social and communication techniques intended to help individuals with ASD build real world skills. Specifically, we are developing content for learning discrete social behaviors, managing planned and unplanned events, and improving sensory and emotional regulation.

RobotLAB VR Autism Lesson 1Joint Attention

The Learner enters a Safari Park and uses eye gaze to engage in social interactions. The interactions target: understand cause/effect; respond to sound; visually track; follow a point; respond to joint attention; initiate joint attention



This ABA-inspired modules include 6 modules, broken into 34 lessons. The Learner interacts with a child Avatar, initially imitating the Avatar, and then performing actions/repeating words which the Avatar can imitate.


This module moves through a play narrative in which the Learner responds to and/or uses gestures. Gestures include: wave hello, raising hand in order to be chosen, pointing in order to choose, gesturing ‘push’ (on a swing), come over, stop, move.


Street Crossing
Four lessons that help the Learner establish a routine for crossing at a crosswalk. Lessons also target: watch for risky traffic and don’t follow the jaywalker.


School Hallway
The Learner responds differentially to a friendly peer, an unfriendly peer and a subtle/neutral peer. (Dozens more experiences coming soon.)


Hallway Small Talk

Approached by a peer in the school hallway, the learner interprets what the peer means by a particular comment and responds accordingly.

Classroom Social Skills
The Learner chooses a seatmate, shifts attention when the teacher starts class, answers questions by raising a hand, refrains from correcting other students.


Cafeteria Social Skills

In the school cafeteria, the Learner chooses a friendly group to join, joins in the on-going conversation, invites an unfamiliar peer to the table, initiates a conversation, invites an unfamiliar peer to join the group, and introduces 2 other students.

Police Encounters
Two Police Officers ask the Learner a variety of questions. The lessons target: understanding the use of idiomatic expressions, practice responding to similar questions asked in different ways and responding to the questions in the presence of various levels of auditory and visual distractions. There are 19 scenes in these 3 modules.


The Learner will practice the critical part of the custom "Trick-or-Treating".


Calming/Alerting Experiences
Four experiences that give the Learner opportunities to regulate their sensory systems by: playing a xylophone using eye gaze, sitting in an aquarium (with and without fish); watching a train move along a track.


Mindful Thinking

The Learner practices breathing and body awareness while relaxed so that the skills can be accessed during times of potential stress. Focused breathing is targeted at the train station. Body awareness is practiced in the Crystal Cave.



A teacher, therapist, or parent can lead a session with the tablet from anywhere in the world (that has access to the internet) while the Learner experiences the immersive VR lessons using the VR Headset from the comfort and safety of their own home.

In this time of COVID-19, this feature is particularly appreciated by our community of users. 


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RobotLAB VR Kit for Autism

Virtual Reality Therapy for Autism

Price: $14,990


RobotLAB VR Kit for Autism

Virtual Reality Therapy for Autism

Price: $14,990