Drone for STEM

CoDrone Standard Classroom Pack

Robotics & Coding

Learn to code with a drone. The perfect introduction to real programming. 

        • 10 Drones

        • 10 Batteries

        • 10 Bluetooth boards (BLE)

        • Software
        • Curriculum
        • Accessories: extra propellers, USB cables and batteries
        • Transport Case
        • 1 year- Warranty and RobotLAB Support


Price: $1,990

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  • Main Features

    Learn to code with a drone. The perfect introduction to real programming. Robolink CoDrone Pro Classroom Pack engages up to 20 students for a 1:2 ratio

  • Educational value

    Engineering, Robotics, Computer Science, Technology. Programming, Coding

  • What’s in the box?

    10 Drones, 10 batteries, Software, Curriculum, Transport case, and a 1-year warranty

  • Mobile / stationary

    Mobile Drone

  • Student to robot ratio

    1 Drone per 3 students

  • Best for

    Middle School, High School, College, Museum, Library, Summer Camp

  • Grade Level

    Grades 4+

  • Curriculum

    Covering Robotics, Technology, Coding, programming 

  • Professional Development / Training

    No training required – available as an option

  • Warranty

    1-year warranty

The CoDrone is a tiny quadcopter drone you can easily program to do whatever you want: follow you, engage in laser battles, go through a maze and more. Whether you are brand new to drones and coding or you’re a longtime drone lover, you will have a blast with the CoDrone.


Learn the fundamentals of programming and drones by creating autonomous flight. Get familiar with sensors, aerodynamics, programming logic, remote controls, and more. The more you learn, the more features you unlock. Unleash your programming potential by taking flight.
Programming made easy with Snap! for CoDrone
Snap! for CoDrone is a fun, friendly drag & drop programming app for young kids.  Program the CoDrone Lite to fly within minutes by snapping program blocks together.
We provide easy-to-follow tutorial videos that kids can use to get their CoDrone flying easily.  We cover basic to advanced topics. Program your CoDrone to follow an autonomous path, go bowling, engage in laser battles, anything!


This tiny drone fits in the palm of your hands, but it packs a ton of sophisticated sensors, including a gyrometer, barometer, accelerometer, and more. Use loops, variables, and conditionals to create flight patterns or solve challenges. Take your engineering skills to the skies with this bad boy.
CoDrone 2

Click to watch the video about CoDrone lite.

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CoDrone Standard Classroom Pack

Robotics & Coding

Price: $1,990

In Stock