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Robotics competition draws students from all over Texas

It makes me proud as an expatriate Texan to find that the state of Texas is one of those states that realizes STEM learning is important and is doing something to ensure that its students meet the educational requirements of the new millennium in science, technology, engineering and math.
The Vex competition at Roosevelt high school in San Antonio is a good example.
One of the teams in the event sponsored by the U.S Army was a Vex team from an all-girls robotics club at the school.
So seriously does the state of Texas view these competition that recently the Texas Workforce Commission funded a startup grant to help 400 new Vex robotics teams in Texas.
Sounds like a lot of teams, does it?  
Well countrywide 9000 Vex robotics teams are expected to compete in the USA this year.
Texas intends to have its share.


If you find yourself wondering what a Vex robotics team is, the VEX Robotics Design System is centered around the VEX Clawbot Kit.
The Clawbot is similar to the LEGO NXT in that assembly and disassembly is made simple with assorted pieces easily fitted together.  
Some say that the Clawbot is cheaper.


Robotics teams from all over this country and the world compete at competitions around the world with these robots.
This year the Vex competition is a game called Vex Toss Up in which the kids design the Vex Clawbot to move balls into goal zones and score points against each other.
Later in the year the regional Vex winners will go to the international championship in Anaheim, California. Of course the whole point of these competitions in the schools is to get students interested in STEM subjects. Robots are known to engage kids interest in STEM learning like nothing else. 


Yes, Texas is out in front with STEM learning with Robots.
RobotsLAB will be at the TCEA in Austin, Texas this February.
We are eager to display a new innovative robot STEM education tool that is even more engaging than the Vex system.

  • Jan 15, 2014 8:30:00 AM
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