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Schools Will Reopen, Viruses will Persist.

Are We Ready to Protect our Community?

SAN FRANCISCO, April 8th, 2020 – RobotLAB Inc., the leading Educational Robotics Company, announced today the launch of a suite of Virus-Fighting robots to keep schools safe and virus-free.


SAN FRANCISCO, April 8th, 2020 – RobotLAB Inc., the leading Educational Robotics Company, announced today the launch of a suite of Virus-Fighting robots to keep schools safe and virus-free. The suite of robots, carefully chosen from all around the world, are designed to follow the UNICEF's guidelines for safe and virus-free schools. With Dr. Fauci's expectation that the Coronavirus will become a cyclical disease, it is more important than ever to ensure that schools, and our kids are safe, and not spreading infections throughout the community.

"This is not a joke, not a drill. This is real life Armageddon. Our responsibility is to keep our schools and our community healthy by approaching the challenge systematically." Said Elad Inbar, CEO of RobotLAB, "We see the devastation this pandemic brings with it to communities, states, countries, and the global economy. We have to make sure that we a) protect our youngest and b) prevent the viruses from spreading in packed environments like schools," he added.

UNICEF's key messages regarding COVID-19 and virus-free schools include three steps to prevent the next epidemic: a) Identify sick students, parents, and staff before they enter the school; b) Educate and demonstrate positive hygiene practices; 3)Clean and disinfect facilities regularly. And the most important part is to systematically approach the challenge. It's not a one-off effort. It should happen every day, year-round.
"These guidelines led us to create this unique suite of robots" added Mr. Inbar, "we followed UNICEF’s guidance, and chose the best robots that can a) Identify by measuring the body temperature of up to 200 individuals per minute, alert a staff member if an individual with fever is detected, and if configured – it can also check and alert if a mask isn't being worn; b) Educate using robots that are designed to routinely repeat and demonstrate best practices to stop virus spread—demonstrating positive hygiene in a friendly and interactive way, every day, all day long; and c) Clean and Disinfect with robots that are designed to work tirelessly at the end of the day, spraying disinfectant and blasting UV light that breaks the virus's RNA, while going from classroom to classroom, cleaning and disinfecting the rooms, common spaces, and even high-traffic areas like door handles and lockers. These robots save on manpower and ensure high-quality cleaning and a healthy school."

Cruzr Covid-19 kids-pepper-1 UV-Robot

Virus-fighting is not for humans. We should let robots do the routine jobs that are dangerous to mankind.. Breathing disinfectants every day over a long period of time is harmful to humans. Holding a UVC sanitation light can cause skin cancer, and vacuuming floors simply isn't enough to protect the environment against viruses such as COVID-19.

As we can see around us now, the health of our community is far too important. It requires a systematic and meticulous approach, a task that only robots can perform successfully. That's why schools should employ robots with the skills necessary to disinfect their spaces, an approach that offers better quality and cost-efficient protection to their students and staff. With viruses becoming more violent, more infectious, and more of a cyclic thing, our best line of defense is to approach the challenge methodically.

"Many of you have asked of us: would this possibly become a seasonal cyclic thing?" Said Dr. Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and President Trump's closest advisor on the matter, "I've always indicated that I think it very well might. And the reason I say that is that what we're starting to see now in the southern hemisphere...in fact, they have a substantial outbreak. It will be inevitable that we need to be prepared. That we will get a cycle around the second time. What does that mean for us is that we need to be prepared".

RobotLAB is bringing its decade-long experience in robotics in schools to the virus-fighting front. Every robot comes with professional development, training, and level 2 support, which ensures that this mission-critical equipment will work tirelessly to disinfect schools' facilities.

You can le
arn more here: https://www.robotlab.com/pandemic-covid19-health-robots


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