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For over a decade, RobotLAB is dedicated to making robots smart and useful, supporting businesses and educational entities in their journey into the 21st-century user experience. As the leading educational-robotics company, RobotLAB is providing schools and universities with AI-LABs, equipped with robotics technologies, that empower educators and engage students with the most important skills for this generation: robotics, coding, and programming.

RobotLAB also offers businesses a clear pathway towards successful integration of robotics solutions in banks, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and other enterprise and small businesses. 




Elad Inbar
Anna sandler 2


Elad Inbar - CEO

Elad Inbar has a rich, multi-disciplinary career in the Hi-Tech industry as an experienced executive. His experience includes online content publishing, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, machine learning algorithms, and robotics. 


Anna Sandler - CTO 

 Anna led development for the Israeli Ministry of Education, creating EdTech programs used by schools country-wide. She has been developing RobotLAB's groundbreaking programs that got tremendous recognition from the educational technology community. 

Priscilla Eklund
Cedric Vaudel


Priscilla Heath -Chief Operating Officer COO

Priscilla has years of experience working with multiple international companies in sales,
operations, finance, and logistics. She implements processes and procedures, develops strategies to increase productivity, and assists with the companies growth.


Cedric Vaudel - VP Business Development

From his previous roles in Sales and Marketing at IBM, Sage UK, and Softbank Robotics, Cedric Vaudel has gained strong experience in the Education Industry by being involved in the launch of various disruptive technologies.

Paul Knaack
Maria Alejandra


Paul Knaack - Customer Success Manager

Since 1991, Paul has been working with and managing after-school clubs and youth summer camps and brings his experience to the educational technology community.
He also has a unique background from working in the Entertainment industry (Special Effects and Stunts) giving him special “MacGyver” skills to problem solve and create interesting solutions to support problems and projects.


Maria Alejandra Calcetero - Marketing and Communications 

Maria Alejandra has a B.S in Journalism and Mass Communication degree from Colombia and an M.S in Marketing and Strategic Media from Minnesota; she has experience working in the creation of social media content, media design, and marketing campaigns for RobotLAB.

Peter Brown


Peter Bowman- College & University Account Manager

Peter leads sales and account development globally specializing in the integration of technology in higher education learning environments.


Amy George- K-12 Account Manager

Amy covers/assists K-12 schools and individuals with a passion for robotics, STEAM, and technology. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging with her son, friends, family, and dog.

Colton Ferne


Makenzie Spicer-Sales Coordinator

.Makenzie comes from a background of both sales and management, and is excited to be your sales coordinator! She aids the sales team in anything they might need from scheduling, to quote creation and everything in between.


Colton Ferne-Customer Success

Helping with customer support, internal operations being creative with any task at hand, showing ingenuity and problem solving by thinking outside the box to create solutions for obstacles that may hinder the production of the office.

Alberto Rosales
Pablo Mariaca


Alberto Rosales - Project Manager

Alberto is an operator of the Robot Management System. Integrity and hard worker is his middle name. He is passionate about family, soccer, and his Mustang.


Pablo Mariaca - Operations 

Pablo works assuring that orders have what it needs by coordinating on getting the needed supplies, materials, software, and quality control testing.  Pablo enjoys a cup of coffee in the office and exploring places during the weekends. He is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about aviation.

Brent Knaack
Erin Au


Brent Knaack - Operations

Brent helps RobotLAB setting up products before shipping them to the customer ensuring they have all the necessary equipment. Brent likes video games and bubble tea!


Erin Au - Operations Coordinator

Erin coordinates shipments work with purchasing and help with registration paperwork. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, hiking, and playing with her three cats.

Bryan Holmes


Bryan Holmes - Customer Success Specialist

Bryan has spent his career teaching STEM and cares deeply about supporting teachers. Now he is helping RobotLab advance STEM education. A polymath, he enjoys learning new things and gaining new skills.


Mandy Smalling - Executive Assistant 

With over ten years of experience in executive support and planning, and known as Elad’s extra hands and feet, Mandy assists our CEO in projects, processes, and people. Before joining us, she supported C-suite executives in hospitality and led and organized city-wide conferences in Texas and the Pacific Northwest.  A multi-tasking mama that loves to be outdoors with her son and two dogs.



Atiba Scott - Support Assistant

My name is Atiba Scott and I work in Customer Success with Support at RobotLab. I love to fix things that are broken and help people without tools to get things fixed.


Dominique Brown - Operations Assistant 

.Dominique is a multi-faceted, highly organized, true team player that gets the job done! She works in our operations department handling the coordination of shipments, accounts receivables/accounts payable, and much more. In addition to working at RobotLAB, Dominique owns her own Body Sculpting Studio in The Bay Area. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, shopping, and spending time with her family.










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