STEMLAB by RobotLAB is an online platform designed for Educators to easily access resources for robots. Currently supporting 11 platforms (including NAO, Pepper, CoDrone, Altino, Dobot, Sphero...), STEMLAB is web-based and accessible from any device: Chromebook, PC and Mac using a web-browser.

STEMLAB allows any Educators to find in one single place everything they need to better utilize their robots:

  • Courses & Lessons aligned with the Standards also accessible to students (Engage! K12)
  • Apps used to make Robots alive!
  • Resources they'll need to use the robots, from the latest software update to tutorials
  • Direct access to RobotLAB Support 

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Courses & Lessons

STEMLAB gives you access to hundreds of lesson plans, activities and simulation tools to teach Coding, Programming, Math, ELA and STEM for grades 4-12.

Students and teachers can access the browser-based learning ecosystem from any device. A user-friendly interface allows teachers, even those with no programming experience, to bring their lessons to life using virtual or physical robots.

The ready-to-use lesson plans and STEM project templates are designed to support 21st century skills as well as college career readiness. They are also aligned with Common Core, NGSS and TEKS standards for grades K-12. Teachers can integrate project-based learning into what they already teach using robots. From Storytelling to Math, educators can assign a relevant Engage! K12 activity for students to explore, experiment and learn applying concepts to challenging problems.

The included simulation tool allows students to run their activities without using real robots. This creates the deployment phase to be more versatile and more cost-effective by lowering the student/robot ratio.



STEMLAB gives you access to an assortment of apps for your robot. Apps are particularly useful to users who don’t necessarily have the time to program their robot from scratch; with just few clicks, they can demonstrate the capabilities of the robot instantly by downloading these Apps. Apps are organized by robot and category to be easily located.


Boost your classroom technology skills to engage your students and improve instruction with RobotLAB’s online tutorial videos. With the resources available on STEMLAB, you choose when you get additional trainings and receive instant help when you need it.

In the Resources section, you’ll also find any software or updates available to download. This will assure you that your equipment is up-to-date and allow you and your students to enjoy the latest features available.



In one click, get access to our FAQ page to find support or to simply learn a few tricks to better utilize the platform. But if you need further assistance, you can also contact us directly at our support team for a more personalized interaction. Our team is standing by to help!


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Price: $990

In Stock