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Changing the name of NAO V6 (possible through the webpage for V5, feature not available on V6)

NAO robot 1

Set up:

1. Download PuTTY  for Windows or use terminal for Linux/MacOS
2. Boot NAO and connect to a network, note IP by pressing the chest button



1. Open PuTTY and connect to the NAO on its IP address

Click on “Yes” in the subsequent pop-up window.


2. Log in to NAO, the default username/password is nao/nao (all lowercase).

Please note the password does not display the text and appears blank hence ensure you are entering the correct password.

3. Enter these commands:

-qicli call ALSystem.setRobotName

- reboot



NAO will reboot after the “reboot” command and will introduce itself by the name you just gave it.

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  • Jul 7, 2021 1:34:11 PM