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3 Ways STEM Learning Speaks to The Future of Work


To succeed in college and the workplace, students require a solid foundation in STEM learning. Experience in these subjects does not only benefit aspiring scientists and engineers–it’s essential for all students.

In fact, between 2017 and 2027, the number of STEM jobs will grow 13 percent. Even positions in traditionally non-STEM fields (estimated to grow by 9 percent) will require some sort of technological knowledge.

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Introducing Students to Careers in Robotic Engineering


According to a study from the McKinsey Global Institute, robots may replace human workers in as many as 800 million jobs by 2030. Over the next 12 years, there will be a higher demand than ever before for robotic engineers. After all, someone needs to design these robots and be able to fix them if they break down. Learning robotics can help students succeed in the future by preparing them to enter an expanding field that will require an increasingly difficult skill set.

It’s important to teach students about robotic engineering in the classroom, not just outside of it. Many students may not know about the opportunities that could be available to them, or how to get involved with robotic engineering.

Perhaps the most exciting way to get students involved with robotics is to have a lab or hands-on lesson. Start small, and build progressively complex lessons from there. 

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How Learning Circuit Board Design Can Impact Future Engineers

Image result for Engineers stem

STEM is a vital field of study. The world has always needed engineers and scientists, and as technology becomes a more prominent part of daily life, these occupations will be all the more crucial. 

A well-rounded science and engineering education is an invaluable tool for the workforce of tomorrow. STEM jobs are growing at a faster rate than the national average and typically pay more as well. To capitalize on these opportunities, students need to start learning STEM tools while they're young.

Higher education will equip students with the tools to succeed in STEM, but to make the most of it, they need to learn some things early on. One of the most valuable skills for young students to learn is PCB design. Learning circuit board design at a young age can provide students with a variety of essential engineering skills and knowledge.

By Kayla Matthews 

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Students Who Engineer Their Way to Success

Engineering teaches critical thinking skills. These skills are in high demand not only in engineering, but also in other professions. The thinking skills of engineers include establishing replicable processes for presenting ideas, the ability to collect and analyze data, and the confidence in presenting solutions to problems.

Those skills aren’t just for engineers,. Everyone needs the critical thinking skills of engineers. These four high schools understand the implications for teaching engineering skills to all their students.

Dobot Classroom-1

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DOBOT Global Finals of Robotics Competitions Began at the World Robot Conference 2019 in Beijing!

The Global Finals of DOBOT Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge 2019 and Robot Industrial Robot Competition 2019 began at the World Robot Conference 2019 in Beijing. 

Over 580 primary, middle school and university students from 20 cities, 5 countries battled 15 regional rounds in the past 3 months, with only 130 teams in total being granted the honorable entry to the 2019 DOBOT Final in Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center.


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5 Hot Engineering Jobs for Grads

Engineering graduates can look forward to working in an innovative and lucrative occupation in a variety of fields, ranging from computers to materials to machines. Positions requiring technical skills, such as those in computer science, engineering and information technology, have higher average salaries than those in other fields. In addition, some of the fastest growing careers are in engineering.


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Introducing STEM to your kids in their daily life


With the growing demand of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related occupations, the focus on STEM education has jumped significantly in recent years. However, the majority of kids nowadays have little to no interest in STEM subjects. The way they are introduced to STEM subjects in schools is unengaging and unrelated to their lives. They can’t connect the logic between Math formulas and living out their daily activities. Children should really be exposed to STEM in their homes since early age.

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