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Five Ways to Encourage Your Child to Pursue STEM


Coding is the language of the future.

You’ve probably heard this many times before and might be worried how to make sure your child learns this new language on top of playing sports, doing their homework, and just being a kid. Don’t panic. The good news is that anyone can learn how to code and there are many free or inexpensive resources available.

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[Walk-through] Pai Technology

Pai Technology is a company dedicated to creating new lifestyles for families by using technology to help kids grow, develop, and play combining the latest advancements in technology and research to make family-friendly educational toys. Join us in an interview! 

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[Walk-Through] Wonder Workshop great educational robots

Join us in this episode of Product Walk Through to a behind-the-scenes interview with Tim Tomaso from Wonder Workshop discussing their online and hands-on educational robots

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[Walk-through] DOBOT Educational Robotic Arms Product Line

The Dobot robotic arm family is versatile, cost-efficient educational robots that are fully programmable and offer students of all ages (from elementary to college level) a hands-on experience with Industry 4.0 and automation.

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[Walk-through] Misty Robot, an awesome open platform for research and education

The Misty robot is a great and affordable open source robotics platform. A unique robot that encourages hacking and extensions! Join us for an interview with the inventor - Ian Bernstein

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[Walk-Through] Robotis amazing robots and Technology

Join us on a product walk-through with Robotis, a global robot solutions provider and one of the leading manufacturers of robotic hardware. ROBOTIS is the exclusive producer of the DYNAMIXEL brand of all-in-one smart servos! Join us for an interview with Aaron Park. 

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[Walk-Through] Kais Clan amazing robots and online platform

Join us on a product walk through with Kai's Clan inventor and the brain behind this amazing online/real-world experience for teaching programming and coding for all ages.

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Hospital uses VR to show how the coronavirus impacts the lungs

Doctors at George Washington University Hospital are using virtual reality to uncover the damage caused by COVID-19.


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Math teacher uses COVID-19 to keep students learning during pandemic

Students all over the state are out of school right now as officials try to fight the spread of COVID-19 but one school in Oklahoma City is using the coronavirus to keep kids learning.


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How to Learn Computer Science? (from Zero to Hero)

I first learned about coding and computer science (CS) in college about 20 years ago. Looking back, not much has changed in the foundational concepts or core practices in CS. What has changed is who can teach it and where it can live in the curriculum—today educators in any subject can teach coding.


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