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Why Children Have To Learn The Importance Of Robotics And Coding

Robotics and coding are just some of the many ideas that are reserved for the technically-inclined adults. But is it possible to teach these concepts to our kids these days? Are their innocent minds able to handle the complexities of computer science?


Read further as we are going to discuss some reasons why children have to learn the importance of robotics and coding.

Honestly, they can since most child psychologists believe that 4-5 year old kids are more inclined to learn computer commands than spell out simple words. Children should be exposed to computational thinking as early as possible and allowed access to modern teaching methods such as STEM coding in order to keep track with the ever-changing technological trends that are dominating our world today. Moreover, children between the age of 3 and 7 are within the development stage. In other words, this is the period where their brains act like sponges and absorb everything they learn until they grow up.

About STEM Coding

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These are categories which are closely related to engineering and computing. In a nutshell, STEM is necessary for creating new technologies and know how it works.

On the other hand, STEM coding is a method of teaching in which kids can develop computing and programming skills by playing and experimenting with STEM toys. Coding and programming are essential components of computer science. And every child must learn to understand these concepts as early as possible since most of the world is dealing with advanced technologies nowadays. 


As Computers Become More Prevalent, So As The Need To Impart IT Education At An Early Age

Coding is the language of computers. And since computers and other similar devices are already a part of our everyday lives, then it is also necessary for kids to become aware of how these devices work. So here are the reasons why every kid of the must learn the importance of robotics and coding:

It gives a better picture of how the modern world works – Nowadays, robotics and computing are practically everywhere. Even kids are using robots without even realizing it (a simple remote control car toy is already considered as a robot)! So if children are taught how food is digested, how rain is produced, and how plants grow for decades, then it’s also logical to teach them the basics of coding in order to understand its function to our modern world. Two of the ideal ways of educating kids the ideas of robotics and coding is by exposing them to STEM coding and allowing them to take part in a micro-bit project.

It helps children to develop practical and computational thinking - Children who deal with STEM Robotics are more adaptable to the technological changes of our time than those who don’t. Exposure to computer terms such as ‘heuristics’ and ‘algorithms’ enables them to grasp the intricacies of these concepts even before they can properly pronounce it.  It allows them to develop problem-solving and “think out of the box” skills which help them to become productive members of a progressive society.

It equips kids to prepare for their future jobs – If kids are allowed to dabble with a micro-bit robot in school and know more about its functions, they are more likely to get interested with employment in the IT industry later on. This is a great advantage in a sense since most IT jobs involve coding.

And exposure to coding and STEM Robotics at an early age does not apply to IT-related professions alone as the knowledge of robotics and coding can also be applied in other fields of work. For instance, scientists who deal with statistical programming can be able to understand the data more easily. In the same manner, engineers will be able to conceptualize their house or building designs on the PC (3d rendering) before actually building them.


It helps kids to be Code-Aware in a fun way

As Alfred Mercier said, “What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” And since kids love to play with robots, then it would be a smart approach to induce the knowledge of coding based on their interests like taking part in a micro-bit project.

This can be done by asking them to experiment with a micro-bit robot in groups, code it with basic to complex functions, and see which robot performs better in class.

Kids love to get engaged in these activities because it channels their competitive instincts in a positive way.



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  • Jul 8, 2019 9:30:44 AM

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