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Dash and Dot K–5 Tech Center Pack with Class Connect

Dash and Dot K–5 Tech Center Pack with Class Connect

Robots that you can code

Outfit your media lab, maker space, or mobile cart with our best value pack. Experience our award-winning Dash and Dot robots, accessories, and curriculum designed for K–5 learners. This bundle also includes a one year subscription to Wonder Workshop Class Connect for progress tracking and access to the brand new Dash’s Neighborhood, our online companion for programming a virtual Dash.

  • 12 - Dash robots
  • 1 - Dot robot
  • 2 - Launchers for Dash
  • 2 - Xylophones
  • 2 - Gripper Building Kits
  • 2 - Accessory Packs (bulldozer bar, bunny ears, bunny tail, tow hook)
  • 6 - Learn to Code Challenge Card Sets
  • 1 - Learn to Code Curriculum Guide
  • 2 - Sketch Packs


Price: $4,245

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  • Main Features

    Mobile and programmable robot for students ages 8 and up

  • Sensors

    Distance sensors, sound sensors (for voice commands), proximity sensors (to detect its distance from walls), beacon sensors (to sense other robots so that students can program their robots to play with each other) and accelerometers.

  • Programming Languages

    Drag & Drop programming interface

  • Educational value

    Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math

  • What’s in the box?

    12 - Dash robots,1 - Dot robot,2 - Launchers for Dash,2 - Xylophones,2 - Gripper Building Kits, 2 - Accessory Packs (bulldozer bar, bunny ears, bunny tail, tow hook),6 - Learn to Code Challenge Card Sets, 1 - Learn to Code Curriculum Guide, 2 - Sketch Packs

  • Mobile / stationary

    Mobile robot

  • Autonomy

    Pre-programmed, remotely controlled

  • Student to robot ratio

    3:1 student-to-robot ratio

  • Best for

    Elementary School, Museum, Library, Summer Camp, Individual

  • Grade Level

    4nd and 6th grade

  • Curriculum

    Covering elementary robotics, programming and computer science

  • Professional Development / Training

    No training required – available as an option

  • Warranty

    1 year warranty


Dash & Dot are robust robots which are ready to go, right out of the box. Dash & Dot are responsive robots packed full of capabilities that allow them to interact with students, their environment, and each other thanks to their multiple built-in motors, sensors, LEDs and audio capabilities.

Using Blocky with Dash & Dot, teachers are empowered to bring coding skills into their classroom while addressing Common Core math or ELA standards,

Fun and Engaging

Dash & Dot are robotic characters that ignite curiosity and confidence while providing fun ways of learning the essential skills of collaboration, communication, and d igital literacy. Program them to move, dance, light up, make sounds, and more.

Easy to Use

No experience with robotics or coding required. Coming fully assembled, It ’ s easy to get started – just download one of our 5 free apps (Wonder, Go, Path, Blockly, Xylo) on y our tablet, and you ’ ll be playing and learning with Dash & Dot in minutes.

Brings Coding to Life

Dash & Dots robots and apps teach students from kindergarten and up how to code. With each of the five apps, students tackle a series of challenges and in-app puzzles that introduce the fundamental concepts of coding. The unique Wonder app uses state machine programming and an original visual design to advance young students’ understanding of computer science.

The Blockly app uses the most kid-friendly block-based coding on the market to introduce students to programming. And Swift PlaygroundsTM from Apple® now powers Dash!


Curriculum Included

Comprehensive lesson plans aligned to Common Core and NGSS standards design ed for teachers by teachers. Our cross-curricular lessons cover math, science, ELA, coding, and more, offering more than 600 built-in challenge tutorials, activities, and projects.

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Dash and Dot K–5 Tech Center Pack with Class Connect

Robots that you can code

Price: $4,245


Dash and Dot K–5 Tech Center Pack with Class Connect

Robots that you can code

Price: $4,245