RobotLAB K-5 STEM Lab

STEM and Coding Lab

We brought into one turnkey solution what we consider to be the best technologies to teach STEM and Coding for grades K to 5. The RobotLAB K-5 STEM Lab is ideal for a classroom of 15 to 20 students and it includes everything you need to make your program successful.

This turnkey STEM and Coding lab includes:

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  • Main Features

    STEM and Coding Lab for students ages 5 and up

  • Programming Languages

    Drag&Drop (Blockly), Apple Swift Playgrounds, C, C++

  • Educational value

    Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Coding

  • What’s in the box?

    1 Cubelets Inspired Inventors Megapack, 1 Dash&Dot Tech Center Pack, 1 Ozobot Evo Classroom Kit (18 bots), 1 Teacher laptop, Software, 1 Engage! K12 Curriculum 3-year Classroom license, 1 Mobile Charging Cart, 3-hour online Professional Development and a 1-year Warranty and RobotLAB Support

  • Best for

    Elementary School, Makerspace, Museum, Library, Summer Camp

  • Grade Level


  • Curriculum

    Covering STEM, robotics, programming and computer science

  • Professional Development / Training


We brought into one turnkey solution what we consider to be the best technologies to teach STEM and Coding for grades K to 5. The RobotLAB K-5 STEM Lab is ideal for a classroom of 15 to 20 students and it includes everything you need to make your program successful.

RobotLAB Smart Cart

RobotLAB has the right robot storage to keep your equipment safe and charged. Our RobotLAB smart cart makes it simple to charge your robots when they're not being used, and they're all easy to move from classroom to classroom.

Cubelets Inspired Inventors Megapack

Develop Problem-Solving skills and Computational Thinking. Spark the next generation of innovators by introducing procedural thinking, cause and effect, decomposition of complex tasks, pattern recognition and the ability to notice similarities or common differences, abstraction and algorithm design and the ability to develop a step-by-step strategy for solving a problem, all using Cubelets robots. Cubelets are magnetic robot blocks that can be snapped together to make an end less variety of robots with no programming and no wires. You can build robots that drive around on a tabletop, respond to light, sound, and temperature, and have surprisingly lifelike behavior.

Endless Possibilities, Endless Fun, Endless Learning. Unlock Your Sudents’ Potential, Today! The Cubelets CLASS package comes with 84 magnetic blocks that can be snapped togeth er to make an endless variety of robots with no programming and no wires.

The Lab includes:

- 162 Cubelets: 12 Battery, 12 Passive, 12 Inverse, 12 Blocker, 6 Bluetooth, 6 Threshold, 12 Distance, 12 Brightness, 12 Knob, 12 Drive, 12 Flashlight, 12 Rotate, 6 Bar Graph, 6 Speaker, 6 Minimum, 6 Maximum and 6 Temperature.

- Accessories: 48 Brick Adapters (12 sets of 4), 2 5-Port Charger, 10 Charging Cables, and 6 Storage Tubs.


Dash&Dot Tech Center Pack

Dash & Dot are robust robots which are ready to go, right out of the box. Dash & Dot are responsive robots packed full of capabilities that allow them to interact with students, their environment, and each other thanks to their multiple built-in motors, sensors, LEDs and audio capabilities. Using Blocky with Dash & Dot, teachers are empowered to bring coding skills into their classroom while addressing Common Core math or ELA standards. Dash & Dots robots and apps teach students from kindergarten and up how to code. With each of the five apps, students tackle a series of challenges and in-app puzzles that introduce the fundamental concepts of coding. The unique Wonder app uses state machine programming and an original visual design to advance young students’ understanding of computer science. The Blockly app uses the most kid-friendly block-based coding on the market to introduce students to programming. And Swift PlaygroundsTM from Apple® now powers Dash!

The Lab includes:

- 12 Dash robots, 12 Dot robots, 12 Launchers, 12 Building Brick Connector Sets (4 connectors per set)

- Accessories: 12 accessory packs, 12 challenges Card Box Sets, user manual


Ozobot Evo Classroom Kit

An Ozobot is a small and smart line following robot. The new Ozobot Evo use precise movement and sensors to follow and react to colors on a page or screen. This simple form of communication and programming allow children of all ages to create and send Ozobot through an endless array of mazes, maps, and racetracks. Students begin by learning Ozobot’s simple color language as they draw mazes, paths, intersections and create entire worlds to explore puzzling playgrounds, fast tracks and intricate labyrinths. Programming Ozobot is not just simple and fun, it's fit to inspire - even for a young child. With over 25 unique code commands to control Ozobot's speed, decision-making and behavior - the possibilities of having fun are just a marker away. From racetracks to puzzles, labyrinths to lucky mazes, obstacle loops to battlefields, have access to tens of printable Ozobot challenges. Your students will find plenty to fuel their creative thinking, refine their logic, play solo or compete with teams in plain arcade fun.

The Lab includes:

- 18 Ozobot Evos

- Accessories: 12 sets of colors code markers, 18 clear DIY skins, 3 multi-port chargers, 1 storage bin, user manual


Curriculum Included

We have a spectrum of fully developed NGSS-Aligned lesson plans and activities for teachers of all types from grades K to 5 included in the STEM Lab. Developed in conjunction with educators in the field, these classes have been tested and optimized to impart critical STEM lessons.

+150 lesson plans covering: Coding, Science, Math, ELA, Social Studies and Arts.

Online PD Included

An easy integration into your curriculum is the key and our online PD is designed to help you with that. This interactive one-on-one training with our STEM Specialist via video conference will help you getting started with the equipment and learning teaching strategies.

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RobotLAB K-5 STEM Lab

STEM and Coding Lab

Price: $12,990

In Stock