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Kebbi Autism Pack

Kebbi Autism Pack

STEAM Coding Education, Theatrical English Learning

Kebbi Air is not merely a multi-functional technology product. It is the result of the team's delicate design where they delve and dig into people's needs, and combine educational theory and trend to tailor the hardware, software and applications of a robot. The purpose is to turn digital content into a real company in the real word, and what's more, make kids' mental and physical development more natural and comprehensive. Let Kebbi Air become a new member of your family, and play, learn, and create with it together!

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  • 1- Kebbi robot
  • 1- year RobotLAB warranty

Price: $5,000

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  • Main Features

    STEAM Coding Education, Theatrical English Learning, Motion Sensing to Pull Together

  • Sensors

    Distance sensors, sound sensors (for voice commands), proximity sensors (to detect its distance from walls), beacon sensors (to sense other robots so that students can program their robots to play with each other) and accelerometers.

  • Programming Languages

    Drag & Drop programming interface

  • Educational value

    STEAM Coding Education, Theatrical English Learning, Motion Sensing to Pull Together

  • What’s in the box?


  • Mobile / stationary

    Mobile robot

  • Autonomy

    Pre-programmed, remotely controlled

  • Student to robot ratio

    3:1 student-to-robot ratio

  • Best for

    Elementary School, Museum, Library, Summer Camp, Individual

  • Grade Level

    4nd and 6th grade

  • Curriculum

    Covering elementary robotics, programming and computer science

  • Professional Development / Training

    No training required – available as an option

  • Warranty

    1 year warranty

200514_NB1_Rasiing Hand3

Kebbi's soft and healing body movements will inspire you!

Kebby Dance up

When you are happy, you dance with your hands. When you sing and dance, you follow the melody. Kebbi's classmates have built-in 12-degree-of-freedom AI servo motors, combined with 3D animation motion editing technology, and fine control of speed, acceleration, angle and torque, showing the delicate and smooth movements of Kebbi's classmates.


Develop English ability from an early age

English teaching one to one Open Interactive So easy

Kebbi students can be transformed into English tutors! One-on-one conversation, when you say something wrong, you will tirelessly guide you, and practice English with Kebbi!

Massive English teaching videos, rich animations and interesting stories make learning easy and stress-free; thematic one-to-one exercises, coupled with delicate body movement guidance, improve concentration and enhance learning effects.


Sound source, face and object can be identified

Know you hear you Chat can be recognized

Want to know if Kebbi knows you?  Want to know what Kebbi knows?  Ask it quickly, and Kebbi you want to know can answer you.

Kebbi students are equipped with a variety of perception capabilities and AI intelligence, which can recognize faces, objects and sound source directions, etc., and can understand the conversation content and chat with you. Kebbi students integrate into your daily life in a variety of intuitive interactions.

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App Store Automatic movement lock Anti-blue light Ear accessory slot


Basic parameters

Product size: 355mm x 347mm x 196mm
Product weight: 4400g
Working voltage: 6.8~8.4Vdc
Power: 9.6W~13W
Battery capacity: 5200mAh

Audio amplifier: 4Ω 2W
Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃
Adapter: input 100V~240V, output 12V
Peripheral interface: DC jack charging interface, MicroSD: memory expansion slot

Hardware parameters

Sensors: human body infrared sensing, anti-fall infrared sensing, touch sensing
speaker: stereo speaker
lighting: RGB LED
battery parameters: lithium battery
face screen: capacitive multi-touch
microphone: 2 analog microphone
cameras: 5 million pixel camera

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Available Documents

Kebbi Autism Pack

STEAM Coding Education, Theatrical English Learning

Price: $5,000

Starting from*


Kebbi Autism Pack

STEAM Coding Education, Theatrical English Learning

Price: $5,000

Starting from*