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Projected Reality Station for Schools

Projected Reality Station for Schools

Augmented Reality

A revolutionary and interactive educational solution that brings Science to life with fully interactive and dynamic hands-on activities using virtual 3D worlds.

The station includes:

        • 1 iSandBox

        • 1 Teacher Tablet

        • Software preloaded

        • Curriculum (aligned with NGSS)

        • Onsite Installation and Training

        • 1-year Warranty and RobotLAB Support

Price: $17,990

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  • Main Features

    Projected Reality Station (Size: 63 x 45.3 x 80.7")

  • Educational value


  • What’s in the box?

    1 iSandBox, 1 Tablet, 1 Large Bag of Sand, Software, Curriculum, Onsite Installation & Training, 1-year Warranty and RobotLAB Support 

  • Mobile / stationary


  • Student to station ratio

    8-10 Students per station

  • Best for


  • Curriculum

    Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth & Space Sciences

  • Professional Development / Training

    Training included

  • Warranty

    1-year warranty

Projected Reality-TOP

What is it?

The iSandBox is an innovative and highly engaging solution that stimulates the senses, getting students actively involved and keeping them entertained. Dynamic content is projected onto sand, creating fully interactive and dynamic 3D worlds.

It is an exciting, new learning tool that opens a world of possibilities, bridging the gap between abstract science concepts into real life experiences with hands-on using sand and projected reality technology.

Have your students manipulate the sand to let lava flow, oceans swirl, grass grow and bubbles blow! It also helps younger students  learn about colors and numbers and how to draw and explore their surroundings.

The iSandBox is turnkey and includes everything you need to transfer your classroom into a unique and immersive new world!


RobotLAB Projected Reality


How does it work?


1. The depth sensor captures a 3D height map of the sand surface in real-time.

2. This data is transferred to the computer.

3. The computer processes the data and constantly updates the image sent to the projector.

4. The projector creates augmented reality on the sand surface by projecting realistic textures — blue water, red volcanic lava, green hills... and contour lines making the iSandBox a perfect tool for teaching topography for instance.

Augmented reality objects instantly react to changes in the sandbox landscape and student hand movements.

Main Features

PRS Interactive


Virtual objects on the sand surface interact with each other.

PRS Graphics


Outstanding graphics quality. Virtual objects on the augmented reality sandbox are highly realistic.

PRS Modes


A large variety of educational and gaming  modes with interactive scenarios.



The words created on the PRS system can be explored with a VR headset using the RobotLAB AR/VR Standard Kit

PRS Tablet


You can easily manage the 3D virtual worlds directly from the tablet (included in the kit)

PRS Customized


We develop customized applications for your project.


The iSandBox software comes with 16 interactive 3D worlds, including:

  • Ocean
  • Air Balloons
  • Day and Night
  • Base Defense
  • Artist
  • Seasons
  • Ice Age
  • Grid
Natural Systems


  • Butterfly Valley
  • Volcano
  • Shapes and Colors
  • Landscapes
  • Safari
  • Topography
  • Water Spring
  • Cyclopes vs. Dragons
 PRS Cars



Advantages to using PRS for Students

  • Hands-on experience by connecting science theory with practice to discover a wide range of fields linked to Science.
  • Improving cognitive skills.
  • Inspiring a high level of motivation & interest from learners for science. 
  • Fostering teamwork, project management, problem-solving and communication skills.
  • A great solution for rehabilitation / therapy for Special Ed.

Advantages to using PRS for Teachers

  • User-friendliness: The station includes a tablet to control and manage the content. It helps to easily switch between the modes and customize scenarios. 
  • Project or lab based approach for teaching core subjects: Earth Science, Physical Science, Life Science.... as well as gamified activities.
  • Improvement of engagement & learning effectiveness

PRS Students



Projected Reality Station for Schools

Augmented Reality

Price: $17,990

Starting from*


Projected Reality Station for Schools

Augmented Reality

Price: $17,990

Starting from*