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KaiBot Classroom 20 Pack

KaiBot Classroom 20 Pack

Small on size, big on features

The MEGA classroom pack consists of 20 x KaiBots, 10 Advanced coding cards, 10 Charging docks, KaiTiles 1-60, 2 x Downloadable E-Resource book

  • The KaiBot Intro Pack includes:
  • 20 x KaiBots
  • 10 x Advanced coding cards
  • 10 x Charging docks
  • 1 x KaiTiles 1-60
  • 2 x Downloadable E-Resource book

Price: $3,476.48

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  • Main Features

    Mobile and programmable robot for students ages 5 and up

  • Educational value

    Engineering, Robotics, Computer Science, Technology. Programming, Coding

  • What’s in the box?

    20 x KaiBots, 10 x Advanced coding cards, 10 x Charging docks, 1 x KaiTiles 1-60, 2 x Downloadable E-Resource book

  • Mobile / stationary


  • Student to robot ratio

    1 robot per 3 students

  • Best for

    Kindergarten and Elementary

  • Grade Level

    Kindergarten and Elementary

  • Curriculum

    Covering Robotics, Technology, Coding, programming 

  • Professional Development / Training

    No training required – available as an option

  • Warranty

    1-year warranty

KaiBot kids hd


A deck of cards to teach coding concepts

These simple screen-free or unplugged coding cards are a great activity to teach and introduce the basics of coding to your kids.  Developed by teachers & parents with text coding principles and various levels of difficulty to master the essential coding concepts with syntax and examples. 


Digital Cards

Download these Free Coding Cards, print them out and get your kids to perform the actions represented by the cards.



Physical Cards

Get your students to layout their code card sequences and then program KaiBot, by tapping KaiBot on each card.



Use KaiBot screen-free along with coding cards.




Pair KaiBot with Kainundrum and watch as KaiBot comes to life!


Code n' Play in Kainundrum

Kainundrum involves single-player to frantic multiplayer races. Invite 5 friends and solve mazes, puzzles, hide’n seek or escape rooms. Each game has lasers, mirrors, gates, oil slicks, or just collect Doge coins. Plus weekly challenges! 

Kainundrum lite

Download the companion Kainundrum lite app to use along with KaiBotLearn what the Lite version can do!

Collaborative Chaos

Use your wit and will to solve puzzles, race against the clock and play with your friends.

Customize, Personalize & Strategize

"A robot simulation that's so much fun, you don't realize you learning to code!"

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KaiBot Classroom 20 Pack

Small on size, big on features

Price: $3,476.48

Starting from*


KaiBot Classroom 20 Pack

Small on size, big on features

Price: $3,476.48

Starting from*