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An Alternative App To The Discontinued Google Expeditions Is Available For Educators

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A long-time Google Expeditions partner, stepped up to fill the gap created by Google’s decision to sunset the popular app, introducing VR EXPEDITIONS 2.0

San Francisco, Nov. 20, 2020, - RobotLAB Inc., the leading educational robotics company, announced today the general availability of VR Expeditions 2.0 for classroom teachers. The company created the virtual field trip app and content management system in partnership with Encyclopedia Britannica, following Google’s decision to sunset the Expeditions App as publicly shared on Nov. 12, 2020.

“Teachers absolutely love virtual field trips,” said Elad Inbar, the CEO of RobotLAB Inc. “We live in a wonderful, beautiful, magnificent world. It is history- and culture-rich, diverse, and awe-inspiring. And teachers love bringing it all into their classrooms, take students to new places, lead their way, and excite their discovery and path-finding.”

“Especially nowadays, when everything around us looks so grim, and the reality isn’t a fun place to be in, going on high-definition virtual field trips can infuse new excitement to an every-day lesson.” Added Mr. Inbar.

For past four years, RobotLAB has been the leading partner for Google Expeditions and the only company certified to ship Google Expeditions Kits globally. Following Google’s decision to stop their VR efforts, discontinuing Google Day Dream and the Expeditions app, RobotLAB decided to take advantage of this opportunity, partner with Encyclopedia Britannica, and introduce VR Expeditions 2.0™.

Educators can choose from hundreds of available expeditions on the all-new system, locally save their favorite expeditions on their devices, provide student hand-outs curated by Encyclopedia Britannica, broadcast different scenes to the students and manage the classroom. The unique design was built with educators and classroom management in mind, saving teachers time and streamlining virtual field trips.

VR Expeditions 2.0™ does not require any recurring subscription or a yearly fee. The one-time license purchase allows schools to optimize their budgets without paying again in the following years for the content they already accessed. Students don’t need internet access, as the teacher guides the virtual field trip from her tablet. On top of that, based on learning from the past, the content the teachers favor is saved locally on the teacher device, so they are not dependent on any future service availability or internet access to run their lessons.

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The company offers three pre-configured kits: Standard Expeditions 2.0™, AR/VR Expeditions 2.0™, and Advanced Expeditions 2.0™, Allowing schools with different budgets to access the virtual field trips. Moreover, schools with existing hardware (student and teacher devices) can retrofit their existing kits whether or not they purchased from RobotLAB to run VR Expeditions 2.0™


Discover more about Expeditions 2.0 with RobotLAB! 

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For media inquiries: please email: marketing@RobotLAB.com  

  • Nov 23, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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