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5 Tips to Maximize Your Productivity While Studying Online

By Ashley Lipman

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/RYyr-k3Ysqg 

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been trying to make remote-learning work for all students. Some have been more successful than others, but overall, everyone struggles with the constraints of social distancing. 

Anyone facing a vigorous curriculum is bound to be intimidated by remote-learning. College students are facing astronomical challenges trying to earn degrees during global shutdowns. 

Holding labs and lectures online limits the practical experience that helps cement new knowledge. At least now you can get USMLE prep courses and other study resources online when you need a little extra assistance. 

There’s no clear end in sight for remote-learning, so we all need to find ways to make it work. It’s not the ideal study experience, but with over two million deaths worldwide, it’s better than the alternative. Here are five tips to help you maximize your productivity while studying online. 

Limit Distractions Before You Study

It’s hard to resist the siren call of an open web browser, but it’ll be your downfall. 

With school taking place online, there are more distractions than ever for students. Teachers used to be able to spot cell phone usage and other tech distractions through visual or spatial cues, but it’s harder now when mics can be muted and cameras turned off. It might be satisfying at the time to blow-off class, but you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Hold yourself accountable for your education by limiting distractions. Don’t browse the internet or cable tv channels. Stay off social media and refrain from texting. 

Stay Present and Visible

It might help to keep your microphone and camera on during study sessions to lessen the chances of getting distracted. 

Remote-learning, in many ways, requires less responsibility than a classroom setting. Students aren’t held accountable for maintaining proper hygiene, posture, or organization because they can easily go unseen by teachers and peers. This is a slippery slope that’ll inadvertently lead to demotivation and even depression.

When you can wear pajamas and attend lectures from the comfort of your bed, it’s tempting to take advantage of the circumstances, but this doesn’t promote a healthy, active study experience. It decreases your alertness and is disrespectful to the teacher and your classmates. 

A shower, clean clothes, and brushed-teeth may seem unrelated to studying, but sticking to your morning routine is proven to enhance your motivation and remote-learning experience. 

Do Work by Hand Rather Than Digitally

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/s9CC2SKySJM 

It’s harder to answer texts when you’re holding a pencil and notepad. Try doing some of your study work by hand rather than typing. Our lives have been taken over by digital interactions, so bringing back the basics will help you focus more on the topic at hand. 

You can pull up countless tabs and windows on the computer, but you have fewer distractions when you’re concentrating on what’s physically in front of you. Try putting away unnecessary electronic devices during study time and school hours, so you’re free to tackle your assignments hands-on. 

Dedicate an Intentional Workspace 

Stay off the couch and away from the bed. These cozy corners are nap traps. If you have a desk to work at, make that your dedicated study space. A kitchen table or coffee table will work, too; anywhere you have room to sit-up and spread-out.

Don’t Overdo the Caffeine

Many people use caffeine to study better, but be careful not to go overboard during distance-learning. Being shaky and hyper will only make it more difficult to focus. Staying at home might limit your physical activity as well, slowing down the rate at which you burn caffeine, so consider reducing your coffee intake. 

Productive Remote Learning 

The pandemic has presented us with many challenges, but don’t give up on your education. Reach out to your school for help because odds are they have study resources to make your remote-learning experience less difficult. 


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