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AI Role in E-Learning Applications

By Ibrahim Ismail

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Many definitions defined artificial intelligence since the theory of AI comes on the surface. However, it keeps changing with time, but the definitions are generally used to describe AI. Likewise, AI is a study of developing intelligent systems and machines. Moreover, the devices can work and behave like humans. There are plenty of machines that have been designed in an approach of AI. There are two types of AI weak AI, and the other one is strong AI.

Firstly, let's discuss weak AI, which is also known as narrow AI. It's an intelligence that performs some specific task. It allows building some special applications. Some applications have been developed in weak AI logic, For instance, Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa.

Secondly, strong AI or you can call it artificial superintelligence. It promotes the idea of a machine to perform equal to the human. Similarly, this machine is equipped with self-aware consciousness, which can think, behave, and resolve issues like humans, such as science fiction, the superhuman, or a supercomputer.

Moreover, AI also refers to terms like Machine learning and Deep learning, but they are not the same. Meanwhile, ML is a subdivision of AI and DL is a sub-region of ML. ML is the most familiar type of AI. The essential use of ML is to transfer data quickly.

Similarly, mobile application development for e-learning is a path of the future that keeps evolving. Every mobile application development company is keen on learning AI and including it in their app developing strategy.

Meanwhile, AI can be learning as a machine that has a consciousness and problem-solving sense resemble approaches like humans. These attributes make it separate from other devices.

BENEFITS OF AI IN eLearning   

The benefits of eLearning are to provide intelligent assistance to the human and to resolve their problems in a short time. Moreover, it is beneficial to give an estimate, learn and choose a modern strategy. Similarly, it allows students to learn according to their feasibility. Furthermore, it ends the restriction of time and distance. For instance, a student can learn at night time according to their convenience without worrying about the distance. No limits on the time bar and distance. An individual can access it any time anywhere, further, if students want to enlighten themselves in-depth about some particular topics and get more know-how about complex topics.

eLearning has been a vital step in the different fields. However, in COVID-19 time, it has been beneficial for people doing their work from home.


With the increasing usage and involvement of AI, companies are habitual of adopting AI in their work nature. Some studies have shown that the past five to six years have been vital for AI. The usage of AI has been increasing in great numbers. Humans are interacting with AI products. It allows people to do their tasks in the quickest ways. In the upcoming times, more than products will be AI-based.


eLearning gives an approach to each user to know according to their needs. Moreover, it is not a stagnant platform. It facilitates each user with the content they are looking for. It is such an intelligent machine that sets up steps for students. For example, if a student has approached a particular subject and wants to be an expert in this field.

Meanwhile, with the help of machine learning algorithms, it will test the students' level of understanding and test their capabilities according to the results. Therefore, it will get complex with time and keep acknowledging the subject's depth step by step. Meanwhile, with this path of learning, it keeps motivating students to choose their suitable times. Therefore, it makes it easier for them to learn smoothly.

However, the tutor or instructor provides the same learning path to the students with the traditional way. In learning, it assures to facilitate each student with the level of understanding. This smart technology takes this approach because for some students to grasp the idea of a particular method by seeing only a graph, it will take two minutes, but for some, it takes time to catch the idea of a method fully. It is how exceptional eLearning is, and that's why the usage of eLearning is increasing more than ever.

Moreover, the outcomes are adaptable, individualized, and go head. Each one becomes the master of their own.

Progressive Analysis

The traditional ways to calculate the performance of your employee worker has never been an accurate and time taking process. But with AI-Based e-learning, you can get access to detailed information in a trice. You can get a piece of information in minutes and in an accurate way as well. It keeps helps you to enhance your learning experience.

Moreover, it gives access to tutors to get comprehensive reports about each student. Similarly, to assess their weaknesses, strengths, attendance issues. It helps them to make proper judgments and take steps according to individual performances. Above all, to work with students on areas where they lack and keep motivating them to continue their learning process rather than get boor and leave because of some failures.

Build ELearning Path

As we have been aware of the complexities and time, it takes to map out the specific course. Therefore, e-Learning comes with advanced technology, which designs a particular subject's complex and straightforward methods in less time without sacrificing the standards. Meanwhile, the biggest challenge was the translation of the content in multiple languages.

However, AI resolves this issue as well. It comes with an opportunity for the translation of content in different languages. So, the companies can access it, utilize it and help their clients who live in other regions. With the help of some powerful tool, they can launch their eLearning services in less time and acquire some limited resources. It helps them reduce their expenses and complexities—the effective and efficient eLearning approach saves considerable time for instructors. Similarly, the translation feature keeps speeding up the launching process of eLearning services in different countries.

Smart AI Software’s

With the help of Artificial intelligence, it is easy to find out the detailed reports of each student. Similarly, employees to students, you can find out the information in real-time. For instance, specific tools help you to get these targets.

  • The first is the chat box which asks queries from students according to their previous questions. Meanwhile, it evaluates students' performance according to its performance. If the student is giving the correct answer, it will move up again. On the other hand, if it gives a wrong answer, the innovative tool will come up with the question from the same area to excel their knowledge.

  • Secondly, the virtual assistant helps students and tutors to communicate directly. It gives access to tutors to provide guidance to their students quickly and feasibly. Keep alarming the students and tutors with notifications and queries.

Moreover, the chatbox helps the students find relevant information according to their suitable approaches. It judges the areas of interest of each student and provides an assessment according to it.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence is providing a way forward to humans. In the future, technology will be more innovative and somehow end up doing those tasks coming in the premises of humans. It's an essential thing for a human to keep interacting with technology. So, they will be thoroughly preparing in the future. Moreover, companies are witnessing the big attraction of humans towards AI. Therefore, companies are investing in it more than ever.

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