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Augmented Reality In Education: A Staggering Insight Into The Future

By Shawn Mack

Photo source: https://unsplash.com/photos/CyX3ZAti5DA

First off, let us get one thing very clear; what is augmented reality? Fundamentally, it is a futuristic technology, the roots of which date as far as back in the 1990s. It is a technology, which makes it possible to merge computer-generated graphics with the real environment on screen. The word augmented in the whole term pretty much justifies that.

An excellent example of the use of this tech is the game named Pokémon Go. Earlier in the previous decade, this iconic game was a global hit. By incorporating elements from the animated series Pokémon Go in the actual environment, it provided a new thrill to the masses. Thus, gaining massive popularity.

Note that augmented reality differs quite a lot from virtual reality. The latter refers to computer-generated environments, while augmented reality is virtual environments that replicate the original environment with slight variations. You can add or eliminate stuff.

With that said, let us now explore more about the role of Augmented Reality in the Education sector.

Changing Education System

Now, coming to the parent concern here; what is the role of augmented technology in education? What does this learning output have to do anything with the learning mechanism itself?

Well, quite a lot. According to statistics, we expect to see 2.4 billion AR users by 2023. Although that accounts for all sorts of AR-associated uses inclusive of games and recreational apps, it also includes the use of AR in education, especially eLearning.

How so? Augmented reality is a mix of real (75 percent) and virtual (25 percent) environment. Hence, it is an effective tool to upgrade the efficiency of existing learning environments without extensive expenditure. It can make classrooms more interactive and comprehensive.

For example, there’s an AR app called Element 4D, which assists students in learning chemistry. Using this, you can put together two cubes of elements and practically learn about their collective reaction, properties, atomic weight, etc. Another well-known AR and VR app is Google Expeditions. It brings entire scenarios to life in the classroom itself. Be it volcanoes, natural disasters, or even DNA. It brings everything there, within the four walls of the classroom, to help students live through everything and then learn accordingly.

The two apps mentioned above make it quite very clear how significantly AR tech will change the game for the education industry. Soon enough, we expect young ones to live the textbook rather than reading it. Of course, memory retention is ten times better when coming from experience as compared to textual learning.

Along the same lines, we are also witnessing AR-based tech. These will further enhance the effective integration of tech and education. For example, augmented reality printers are bringing static photographs to life. With these, students can have their mini AR learning material with themselves.

Benefits of Augmented Reality

Although the augmented reality technology has only entered the market, experts and analysts in the field are already predicting a huge scope. But why?

Well, usage of augmented reality in education can bring a lot of advantages. Below, we have summarized a few of these many pros. Read more!

Effective Learning

Augmented reality utilizes unique features that help the student immerse into the subject matter. It intrigues the child and encapsulates its attention. Hence, even the naughtiest students are able to get a detailed insight into the topic.

For example, some AR learning involves lots of rich visuals and aesthetics. Meanwhile, some AR learning includes speech technology too.

Using it, the child can grasp the gist of the topic without much issues. Also, the technology helps students retain the knowledge easily.

Environment-Friendly Learning

The Augmented Reality holds the potential to replace all physically existing academic materials. It uses high-quality visual components to make the experience really immersive. So, no actual material is a requirement

As it’s all virtual, all textbooks and posters can be replaced completely! More AR education adoption would mean lesser demand for books and stationary. Hence, the Augmented Reality technology can reduce the adverse effects on the environment, especially the vegetation.

Keeps Students Engaged

Some Augmented Reality systems integrate games and activities into their projection. For example, the AR setup will showcase a puzzle or mystery on the computer desk for students to resolve. Consequently, the child feels more interested and curious than before.

With increased focus, the student explores the topic in more details, finds information about it, and retains the knowledge for quite long.

Incorporation of activities in virtual learning also stimulates mental capabilities, such as analytic thinking.

Final Thoughts

Augmented Reality is only a part of the present world but it will be the future. There will come a time when the technology will get used worldwide. So, it is better to evaluate it, eliminate any potential con, and embrace it.

Above, we have discussed every single aspect of Augmented Reality in detail. Hopefully, it will assist in understanding the concept thoroughly. In any case, you have queries or something to share, do let us know below.


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Author Bio:

Shawn Mack is a content writer who offers ghostwriting, copy-writing, and blogging services.His educational background in business and technical field has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He is also fond of writing interesting articles on technology & digital marketing related topics.  

  • Feb 18, 2021 8:00:00 AM

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