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The AI LAB by RobotLAB at Northeast Guilford High School

Hello everyone, my name is Elad Inbar, CEO of RobotLAB. Today I'd like to invite you to the AI lab that we built for Guilford County school in North Carolina




Hello everyone, my name is Elad Inbar, CEO of RobotLAB. Today I'd like to invite you to the AI lab that we built for Guilford County school in North Carolina. As you enter the lab, you have Pepper a great greeter that designed to engage the visitors, tell them about the lessons that are available today, and obviously be able to be part of our humanized robot station where students can actually program the robot to do things.

Humanized Robot Station

In the station we have students programming the robots using either Choregraphe or Python or Java, and they can program Pepper, they can program the NAO robot. All the lesson plans are available on engageK12 our online learning platform. This is our humanized robot station.

Industry 4.0 Station

Over to the industry 4.0 station, over here, students get access to a robotic arm, conveyor belt, vision kit and all the tools that they need in order to simulate a production line. Very much like what’s happening today in the factories. That's what it's called Industry 4.0.

We want the students to be able to program the robots to pick up different objects to identify objects and help them develop the understanding of what it means to automate the production line.

AI Station

Over here we have our autonomous transportation; AI station. The students get access to the autonomous cars, is full with sensors around them. The cars can avoid obstacles, they can follow each other, self-park, and we want the students to be able to again to program them and understand how the coding actually involved in the autonomous car that we all starting to get on the road.

They also get access to drones. They can fly around the can create their flight path, coordinate between multiple drones. And again, everything is from the basics using scratch and using drag-and-drop interfaces and over to Python and Java and more advanced software packages.

Teacher Station

We have the teacher station over there where teachers control the whole lab, everything that is happening over here.

Mars/Rover Station

And over here, we have our Mars Rover station, more specific, exploration station. In this program, we have students build a Mars Rover very much like the curiosity Rover or perseverance that just led them today on Mars.

The students got access to all the materials and everything that they need. They program the board raspberry PI Arduino. They built it, solder it to make sure that they have a master of the whole skill of creating a robot from scratch. So, this is about that station.

Makerspace Station

Last but not least, we have we have a makerspace station over here where students can prototype all kinds of product and object. They can 3D print or laser cut or both of them. They can even create with a vacuum form. They can create the packaging for that, and actually create a working prototype for this type of a makerspace environment.

They also have a virtual reality where they can either develop a virtual reality or they create them or go places or all kinds of virtual field trips.

These types of environment is unique. You don't see this kind of environment anywhere around the world. This is something very, very engaging, very special for students to be able to learn, explore artificial intelligence, robotics, coding, and programming, and this type of engaging environment is what we are after.

We want students to be able to master these 21st century skills. We are 21 years into the 21st century. It's about time that they master it. If you want to learn more, if you want to bring it to your school, contact us, we are here to help you. Thank you and stay safe.

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