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Poly by Google will be shutting down forever on June 30, 2021

This is a reminder that one month from today, on April 30, 2021,   Poly  by Google we’ll be shutting down the ability to upload models directly on the Poly website or via API.

Poly image- zoom

What does this mean for you?

Your assets will be available at poly.google.com until June 30, 2021. You can download your entire library at takeout.google.com/settings/takeout/custom/poly, or you can download individual assets by viewing each asset’s page. After June 30, poly.google.com and associated APIs will no longer be accessible.

What is changing? 

In the past four years, RobotLAB was the leading partner for Google Expeditions and the only one certified to ship Google Expeditions Kits globally. Following Google’s decision to stop their VR efforts, discontinuing Google Day Dream, RobotLAB decided to take advantage of this opportunity and introduce VR Expeditions 2.0TM.

Expeditions 2.0 Logo (4)

RobotLAB VR Expeditions 2.0™ is inspired by the great work Google did, and following feedback from thousands of educators, RobotLAB created a VR tool tailored to educators’ needs.

Content – A unique partnership with Encyclopædia Britannica® to bring high-quality, curated, and tailored content, along with student hand-outs and additional teacher resources that make educators' life easier.brand-encyclopaedia-britannica

Visuals – In Expeditions 2.0™, all the 360-degrees photos and videos are high definition, 4k resolution, and designed to bring the best of the world to your classroom, in HD quality.

Classroom Management – A new feature was developed from the ground up. Now teachers can create playlists and save expeditions for offline teaching, without any need for internet access. Create classes and track the progress per class is an essential tool for educators struggling to manage their time more efficiently.

Our commitment to educators is above and beyond anything else. No matter where you got your kit from, we will retrofit it to run VR Expeditions 2.0!


Discover more about Expeditions 2.0 by RobotLAB

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VR Expeditions 2.0


  • Mar 31, 2021 8:00:00 AM

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