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Top Distance Learning Trends: Which Technologies are The Most Popular?

By Karl Murphy

maria-thalassinou-61fy_dlPtF4-unsplashPhoto by Maria Thalassinou on Unsplash

Online education is the no hao of the XXI century. Covid-19 has increased the popularity of online learning and teaching. How can teachers and educators overcome the changes using the modern learning trends?

What Are Learning Technologies?

A lot of people regard learning technologies as the effective way to get knowledge or the subsequent procedure. In contrast, online educational technologies are the new division in education, which opens new possibilities and perspectives. The Association for Educational Communications and Technology has claimed the distance learning technologies are designated to facilitate and contribute to online learning.

On the other hand, it is the way to refocus learning from books into digital form. Useful distance learning technologies help teachers to deliver the knowledge and information to their students in the new form. Simultaneously, students and pupils are more interested in receiving the information in interactive forms. It is better than reading long texts on the screens.

Technology Innovations In Education

Innovative technologies are the new way of learning and acting today. Throughout the centuries, modern technologies have been developing in the middle pace without extremely growing. Once pandemia started, the speed of evolving became enormously fast and quick.

New and effective learning instruments have been created. Nowadays, the teachers and students have so many tools that it is easy to lose there. Hence, take care of the education learning instruments you use and adopt only the best one.

In the period of quarantine, people were lost in the information. Some of them turn to https://mailorderbridesadvisor.com/ for help. However, you know this resource with mail order brides is not the best for educational matters. There are some prominent and popular tools, which will make your learning effective, progressive, and innovative.

1.    Video-Assisted Education

The booming usage of animated videos and different movies was during offline learning. With the transformation into online education, the usage of videos has changed a little bit. It becomes more innovative.

In order to decrease the workload, teachers started to use comprehensive video lessons, where they present the material. More than that, the videos include different tests and interactive summarizing. It is easier to learn new facts with animated information.

2.    STEAM

STEAM is the innovative eLearning program, which has the clear abbreviation:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Math

The STEAM program includes all those elements and helps to learn them using the special design and technologies. First of all, it helps to make students curious about the world around them and new knowledge.

This new leading technology is oriented more to the students. It helps to collaborate easily and create new interesting common projects.

3.    Fascinating Education With AR And VR

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is the way to undergo experiential learning. VR and AR is the interactive way to adopt knowledge and information. VR constructs artificial reality, while AR shows the real image.

Very often students were trying to make different laboratory experiments and research to see the changes. AR and VR are recommended for students, as for the teachers. It is really effective in the medical training courses. How can the future surgeon practice his work online?

VR allows making different surgeries online. The teacher can tell the algorithm and support, while the students are practicing. VR and AR seem to be the nicest option in the COVID-19 situation.

4.    Gamification

Boring learning in the grey classrooms and a lot of books to examine are the worst dreams of the students. Teachers have been thinking about a new alternative way to do it. Playing games is not the best option for the student’s lives. However, games with professional material are what you really need today.

There are hardly any reasons for students to avoid gaming lectures. Gaming components help to establish the entertainment environment. By playing games, students learn new facts about the environment. Gamification is an effective way to make different competitions and exams.

5.    Artificial Intelligence

This new, but elder-adopted technology is well-known today. It helps to make the work of teachers more automatic. As a result, specialists can spend less time on making tests or checking them.

For instance, the best example is the automation of grading in multiple-choice. The teachers can see the readily estimated results of the student’s tests. In contrast, the students have a lot of benefits from AI as well. They can get an explanation or additional help when the teachers cannot help everyone in the group.

More than that, AI is not only about chatbots. There are a lot of developments today. One of them is the NAO POWER V6 EDUCATOR PACK, established by the RobotLab for teachers. It offers the whole program on different areas to learn. The teachers get the curriculum and activities.

Check the products of the RobotLab, as they have offers for students as well. Get more educational experience and stay progressive in your choices.

6.    Learning Management System

It is principal to create and store digital content. That is why teachers started using LMS. This system allows the development of the documents, stores them, and controls them. The most popular sphere is online learning courses.

Learning management system allows management of the information, making it accessible or not and so on. With an effective, management system teachers can make the online courses forehead. Then, they can simply open access to certain categories of users.

Such a system is thought to be time-consuming. Creating the online course on one subject, teachers don’t have to make it again for other students. At the same time, students can get access to the information when they only need it.

Final Thoughts

As well, there are a lot of prominent distance learning trends, which can make a positive impact on the educational process. Make your work easier and enjoyable distance learning as it can be effective with modern technologies.


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Karl MurphyKarl Murphy is a professional journalist from Des Moines, Iowa. After obtaining his Master's degree, he's launched his career and over its course, Karl was contributing to the popular publications for men. He also develops his blog topforeignbrides.com



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