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Be VR Ready in 7 Steps – Back-to-school Preparation!

ClassVR - London Grid for LearningSource Image: Class VR

Globally there are two types of teachers this time of year, the first is just getting into their summer holiday and enjoying their well-deserved time off, the second has back-to-school preparation at the front of their mind. Whether you’re preparing for a new class or just preparing your classroom, we’ve got 7 steps to make sure you’re prepped and ready to use your ClassVR headsets the first day back – whenever that may be! 

Step 1: Brush Up on VR Headset Health & Safety

For the last 18 months, health and safety has been a priority for all schools. As you prepare for back to school, we want to make sure students and teachers are comfortable and can confidently use ClassVR headsets safely. For appropriate useclean headsets, and hands between each use. Further information can be found here. 

Step 2: Check Your Headsets are Stored and Charging Correctly

The first step, knowing where your ClassVR headsets are stored… once located, check that all the headsets are stored properly and charging in their case or cart – that way it’s ready to use the first day back! Our ruggedized cases are designed to allow charging even when the case is closed and located with no fear of overheating thanks to the active cooling fans.  Furthermore, remember to make sure your headsets are turned on and inside the storage case to allow for all updates to occur.


Step 3: Explore Recently Launched Content

With over 1000 educational resources provided in the ClassVR portal, there are so many opportunities to add value to your lesson with VR. If you’ve not had time to scope out all the content, spend five minutes searching subjects, topics, or even keywords to see what ready-made collections you have access to.  


Step 4: Get Ahead and Plan a Lesson… Or Two!

Now you’ve spent some time looking at what content is available, why not prepare some playlists ahead of your lessons? Using our intuitive drag and drop functionality, you can easily create custom resource ‘playlists’ within seconds, all ready to launch to your headsets at the click of a button. Remember to save them into your ‘My Library’ section so you can easily find them later. 


Step 5: Experiment with Creating Your Own Content

Not being able to find a resource you need? Not a problem! ClassVR allows you to upload your own VR content. Whether that’s a 360-degree photo or video you’ve taken, a 3D model created in Paint 3D, or one you’ve downloaded from Sketchfab, you can easily upload and share with your students. What’s even better is the ClassVR portal integrates directly with ThingLink and CoSpaces so you can even create explorable scenes! 


Step 6: Visit Avanti’s World – Collaborative & Explorable VR Scenes

If you haven’t already, it’s a great time to explore some of the hundreds of explorable scenes in Avanti’s World! Fly to the moon, travel through the eye of a storm, take a walk with the dinosaurs or climb the Beanstalk with Jack – there are so many opportunities that students can access anywhere, on any device! Each scene comes with a comprehensive suite of additional information, tasks and activities rounded up with a quiz to test knowledge to ensure your students get the most out of every exploration. 


Step 7: Check Your Subscription Expiration

Much like ensuring your headsets are charged and ready to use, it’s important to make sure your ClassVR portal license is still live so you have continued access to 1000s of educational resources. To check when your subscription expires, access Settings > Administration Portal. For any questions around these, please contact us at support@RobotLAB.com 


Learn more about Class VR with RobotLAB! 

Class VR- Premium VR Set

ClassVR is a versatile platform using the power of Virtual and Augmented Reality for education and training from the classroom to the boardroom. ClassVR offers a student-friendly interface, gesture controls, embedded educational resources, and simple-to-use teacher controls.

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  • Oct 29, 2021 8:00:00 AM

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