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Misty Robotics was acquired by Furhat Robotics company and RobotLAB will continue supporting customers.

Furhat Robotics has acquired US-based social robotics company Misty Robotics. The acquisition also means that Furhat Robotics has now expanded operations to the US market. Both the Furhat and Misty robots will continue to be on the market (initially under different brands and websites), and over time during this year integrated under the same brand with a strong vision and the strength of a new team. 

The companies claim they are operating from a “unified vision”, and say that Furhat Robotics will continue to support the Misty Robotics brand, helping develop and expand the product range, as well as integrating Furhat and Misty features to enhance future social robots.

RobotLAB, as a platform-agnostic company is here to support our customers regardless of the ownership of the manufacturing company. Our commitment is to guide, troubleshoot and offer the last updates about Furhat and Misty!

The Furhat team suggests that its own product — a robot with a rear-projected animated face on it — is great for social robots that need to have an adult personality, such as airports, train stations, or medical applications. What Misty adds to the mix is something that is far more extensible, and can be more expressive with its little arms and facial expression. Nonetheless, the Furhat team explains that while the two robots look very different, they have a lot in common, as well.


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  • Jan 18, 2022 1:32:34 PM

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