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RobotLAB, America's Exclusive SoftBank Robotics Distributor, to Cover Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific

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RobotLAB Inc. the world's leading educational and business robotics integrator has entered an agreement with SoftBank Robotics to expand the distribution territory from the Americas to Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific.

The deal expands the decade-long RobotLAB/SoftBank Robotics partnership which includes a master distributorship arrangement in the Americas. Under the terms of the expansion, RobotLAB will be providing not only the NAO robots themselves, but also marketing, technical support and repairs, user training and curricula for education, and robot management systems for commercial customers throughout Asia and the Pacific.

"We are thrilled to expand our relationship with SoftBank Robotics and bring their innovative robots to businesses and the education market in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East," said Elad Inbar, RobotLAB Chief Executive Officer. "This goes hand in hand with RobotLAB's new offices in the region: RobotLAB Australia, RobotLAB Thailand, and RobotLAB Arabia which are supported by the largest repair center for both NAO and Pepper Robots, outside SoftBank Robotics, servicing 2/3rd of all robots in deployment, over half of the world."

RobotLAB is SoftBank Robotics' largest partner globally. The company has sold more than 5,000 of SoftBank's robots, furthering the company's mission to provide smart and useful robots, aid the industry in dealing with the post-COVID reality and assist students in honing the skills that will make them successful and college and career ready.

"SoftBank Robotics values our relationship with RobotLAB and is confident their marketing insights, proven approach and stellar reputation will ensure our products reach the teachers and innovators in whose hands they can work wonders," said Nicolas Boudot, SBR's Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

RobotLAB is marketing three versions of both NAO and Pepper:

NAO Robot:

  • NAO Educator Pack – which includes the robot, online learning platform, curriculum, unlimited software licenses, training, and support

  • NAO Business Edition – This includes the robot, an online Robot Control system, and a variety of skills that make the robot useful for businesses, warranty, and training.

  • NAO RoboCup Edition – Which includes the robot, specialized for RoboCup Standard Platform League competition, and available only for official RoboCup teams

Pepper Robot:

  • Pepper Premium+Nav - A mobile solution that includes a self-navigating Pepper, access to all Pepper skills on the Robot Control system, warranty, and training.

  • Pepper Premium – A Pepper robot for stationary use cases, which includes access to all robot skills on the Robot Control platform warranty and training.

  • Pepper for Small Businesses – a special version of Pepper to support small businesses. This package includes open-box Pepper, access to essential robot skills, warranty, and training.

Starting today, RobotLAB accepts support calls and service requests from Asia, the Pacific, and the middle east. To start your support request for NAO or Pepper robots, please go to: https://www.RobotLAB.com/support 

About RobotLAB.
For over a decade RobotLAB has been dedicated to making robots smart and useful so they can support businesses and educational entities in their journey into the 21st-century user experience. As the leading educational-robotics company, RobotLAB is providing schools and universities with artificial intelligence-enabled laboratories equipped with robotics technologies that empower educators and engage students with the most important skills for this generation: robotics, coding, and programming. RobotLAB also offers businesses a clear pathway to the successful integration of robotics solutions in banks, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and other enterprise and small businesses. Visit RobotLAB.com.

About SoftBank Robotics
SoftBank Robotics designs and manufactures interactive and friendly robots. Our aim since the beginning of the adventure has been to make robots accessible to all so that they become daily companions: "The Power of Robotics to Benefit Humanity." More than 25,000 SoftBank Robotics robots – NAO and Pepper – are used in more than 70 countries, in various sectors, ranging from retail to tourism, health, and education.

  • Nov 10, 2021 12:30:00 PM

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