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Create a Culture of Learning in Your Classroom


kuanish-reymbaev-o_lLsdVTxak-unsplashPhoto by Kuanish Reymbaev on Unsplash

Maybe you’ve witnessed a classroom where the focus on learning is intense.

A hum of excitement resonates in the air, and everyone, the teacher and students alike, goes about their work with a focused purpose. Everyone is engaged. The workflow is fluid. Routines are seamless. The students help each other succeed.

Maybe that classroom is yours.

If it’s not, it can be.

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Using Artificial Intelligence To Help Students With Learning Disabilities Learn



Educators can have a challenging time adapting their teaching style to match every student, especially when there are students with learning disabilities in their classroom. A learning disability presents a unique obstacle to traditional teaching methods. It can be difficult in a contemporary classroom for teachers to give students the attention and instruction they really need. Now, they might be able to receive that instruction through the use of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly growing more useful by the day. Researchers are developing cognitive systems that can help to support those with disabilities in the unique ways that suit them. These AI programs may be able to present material in a fresh way that can help students to better understand independent of teacher instruction.

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How To Incorporate 3D Printing Into Any Lesson Plan.

By Matthew Lynch 

ines-alvarez-fdez-L_N7BaNLC5Y-unsplashPhoto by Inés Álvarez Fdez on Unsplash

Software developers and engineers and continuously working to provide schools and educational facilities with new technology. Various apps and tools, such as Pedagogue, have opened plenty of doors for modern-day education since their release. 

The 3D printer is yet another new tool that has made considerable advancements in the academic world. This technology can serve various uses in the classroom – for example, many teachers use the printer to make props for specific lessons. 

This article will discuss how teachers and other educators can incorporate 3D printing into any lesson plan. 

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Be VR Ready in 7 Steps – Back-to-school Preparation!

ClassVR - London Grid for LearningSource Image: Class VR

Globally there are two types of teachers this time of year, the first is just getting into their summer holiday and enjoying their well-deserved time off, the second has back-to-school preparation at the front of their mind. Whether you’re preparing for a new class or just preparing your classroom, we’ve got 7 steps to make sure you’re prepped and ready to use your ClassVR headsets the first day back – whenever that may be! 

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Continuing Computer Sciences for Tomorrow’s Youth

By  Dan Matthews

Picture2Image Source: Pexels

Modern advancements in technology and computer science have sparked some amazing societal advancements in the last decade. Among these many great leaps forward, the impact that new technologies have had on education is one of the most profound.

From providing easier access to information to accelerating aspects of the learning process—computer technologies are continually revolutionizing how students learn. This article will explore some examples of new educational technology in action, and provide some tips for teachers looking to integrate some of these advancements into their classrooms.

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Why It’s Important to Teach Troubleshooting

By Devin Partida

kelly-sikkema-JRVxgAkzIsM-unsplashPhoto by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

STEM gets a bad rap. Popular media often typifies computer and math people as emotionless, overly logical, and lacking human warmth.

However, this stereotyped view misses the whole point of what STEM is for and how it operates. STEM courses prepare students to think creatively, develop their curiosity, and build solid troubleshooting skills that make them intelligent and well-rounded individuals.

As a teacher, you already know why you love your field. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to explain why. Here are eight ways STEM benefits students and equips them for real-world challenges.

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3 Reasons Virtual STEM is Here To Stay


compare-fibre-JiOFFI3W7IA-unsplashImage source: 

Virtual STEM offers engaging learning opportunities for students—opportunities that have proved essential during COVID.

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